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This webpage project was created in partial completion for Gemstones and Gemology course in May 2005 at Emporia State University. The assignment was to demonstrate knowledge on a gemstone or other process dealing with jewellry.

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With a melting point of 1772 degrees Celsius Platinum is very difficult to work with, but this extreme temperature gives you a clue as to how durable this metal is. With enough tensile strength to secure a diamond in place with only two prongs. Platinum is rated at 14 (annealed condition kg/mm2) according to the International Platinum Association.

Atomic Number- 78

Atomic Weight- 195.08

Streak- Grayish White

Platinum is nearly twice as dense as lead and about 11% more dense than gold

Though thought off mostly for jewellry, that industry only contributes to about 40% of the platinum use in the world. 37% goes into catalytic converters with the other 23% being used in industrial applications such as: Dental/Medical Fields, Electrical, and Oil Refining. (International Platinum Association)

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The public now thinks of Platinum as the best become metal for jewellry and because of this it will only continue to grow in popularity. There are many "elite" companies in the jewellry business that carry exclussively platinum for its white metal engagement rings. Below is a picture of a stunning Platinum ring from Tiffanys.

Tiffany and Co.

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