GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology
ES 567 Gemstones of the World

GO 340 A - campus, undergraduate; ES 567 C-campus, graduate-3 credits
GO340 ZA - online, undergraduate; ES 567 XA-online only graduate-2 credits

Dr. Susan Ward Aber, Geologist & Gemologist
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas USA

Welcome to the Fall Sememster
Online August 15-December 7, 2012
Campus August 21-December 4, 2012


Gemstones of the World and our gem course happy face!!
Pearls: Saltwater Akoya (top strand - hybrid of Pinctada
and Pinctada fucata martensii), South Sea
Golden (Pinctada maxima), Black Tahitian (Pinctada
); Freshwater Chinese (Hyriopsis cumingii
- lower, right strand-natural colors). Photo by J.S. Aber, 6/2011.

Fall Semester 2012

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Gemstones and Gemology is an introduction to minerals and rocks sufficiently beautiful to be labeled as gemstones and to methods practiced by gemologists and jewelers to identify these works of nature and humankind. This course will cover the study of specific gem materials, identification and testing methods, cutting and polishing, synthetically manufactured gems, precious metals and alloys, sources and origins of gems from around the world. If you have enrolled for the 2012 fall semester course, email me now to introduce yourself; provide me with your preferred email address, current hometown/state/country, and 2 reasons for taking this course. I look forward to hearing from you! For this course, lectures will be provided online, with links from this syllabus webpage, and assignments/tests will be emailed to you.

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Dr. Susan Aber



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Course Requirements

Required text: Schumann, W. (1997). Gemstones of the world. NY: Sterling Publishing Co, Inc.
Obtain the newest edition if possible.
The textbook may be purchased on the ESU campus bookstore, ordered online, http://emporia.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBHomePage?storeId=51056&catalogId=10001, or from your favorite book source. You will be advised if supplementary resources are needed during the semester, which may be found at a library near you or online.
Academic dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism is not tolerated in this class and penalties will result. See ESU policy at www.emporia.edu/esuclass/dishones.htm. Also...
Emporia State University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students need to contact the Director of Disability Services, http://www.emporia.edu/disability/, and the professor as early in the semester as possible to ensure that classroom and academic accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. All communication between students, the Office of Disability Services, and the professor will be strictly confidential.

Course Grade

Letter grades from A-F with +/- subdivisions are used to evaluate your performance in this course. An incomplete grade will be considered in extremely rare cases and must be completed within the next semester or it will be converted automatically to an F. The grading scale is A 100-94%, A- 93-90%, B+ 89-87%, B 86-84%, B- 83-80%, C+ 79-74%, C 74-70%, D 69-60%, F 59-0%.
Tests Two open-book tests will be given with each test worth 20% of the final grade. Deductions will occur when tests are turned in after deadlines.
Homework Approximately eight assignments will be given for a total of 40% of the final grade. Deductions will occur when assignments are turned in after deadlines.
Presentations One final project presentation will be expected and is worth 20% of the final grade. The presentation topic, design, and format will be your choice and specific guidelines, examples, and topic ideas are forthcoming. Deductions may occur when the final project is turned in after the deadline.
E-mail All students must have an e-mail account and contribute via e-mail on a weekly basis.
Honesty Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated in this class and penalities will result. All assignments for this class should be your own work. All assignments and tests must contain complete citations and references when quoting or paraphrasing passages whether they are in course lectures and taken from the textbook or another source. If you have any questions regarding effective writing, quoting, paraphrasing, obtain a copy of the following book:
Harris, R.A. (2005). Using sources effectively: Strengthening your writing and avoiding plagiarism (2nd ed.). Los Angeles: Pyrczak Publishing. ISBN 1-884585-57-4. 115 pp., paper.

...and read on for the University of Texas libraries explanations...

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table of contents.

Semester Schedule-A Work in Progress!

Date Topic Assignment Readings and Sites of Interest
Aug. 15 Introductions, academic.emporia.edu/

Definitions, academic.emporia.edu/
Introductory Fun Quiz
this quiz is for fun-no grade
Due 8/22/2012
Schumann: Introduction pg. 8-13,
Description of Gemstones pg. 68-69

Schuman page numbers are based on
my edition and may vary in yours!

Tucson- Gem and Mineral Shows!
Aug. 22 The Mystic of Gems, academic.emporia.edu/

Introduction to Origin and Occurrence, academic.emporia.edu/
Assignment 1
Due 8/29/2012
Schumann: Introduction pg. 14-15,
Deposits & Production pg. 52-57,
Agate pg. 126-149, Symbolism pg. 247-248.
Agate and Chalcedony, Gem Briefs A,
RealGems.org, A.
Schuman page numbers given are based on my book edition. This may vary from yours! Find the correct section in your book and read...
Aug. 29 - Sept. 5 Chemical Properties, academic.emporia.edu/

Crystal Structure, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 2
Due 9/12

Celebrate Labor Day
http://www.history.com/topics/labor-day 9/3/2012

Schumann: Structure of Gems
pg. 14-18, Description of Gems
pg. 68-9, 128, 154-7
Chrysoprase, Jade, Gem Briefs, B-C
RealGems.org, B-C.
Sept. 5-12 Physical Properties, academic.emporia.edu/

Visual Properties, academic.emporia.edu/
Review with Gem Defined
Gem Magnification
That is Homework 3 and...
Schumann: Properties of Gems
pg. 19-26, 44-51, 98-9, 158-9
Peridot and Alexandrite
Sept. 19-26 Optical Properties, academic.emporia.edu/

Gem Testing Instruments, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 3
...inside Test 1!
Due 9/26
Schumann: Optical Properties
pg. 27-43, 104-6
Garnet, Gem Briefs, D-J
and RealGems.org, D-J.
Sept. 17-26 Test 1
...and some!
Due 9/26 Lectures and readings to date
Sept. 26-Oct. 3 Precious Metals, academic.emporia.edu/

Working With Silver, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 4
Due 10/10,
Begin thinking about
final project (due 11/30-early bird
points or 12/7)
Schumann: Optical Properties
pg. 31-37, Gold/Silver pg. 208,
Malachite pg. 176
Malachite Gem Briefs, K-N;
and RealGems.org, K-N.
Oct. 3-10 Wire Wrap, academic.emporia.edu/

Gem Fashioning, academic.emporia.edu/
and Greer Workshop and
Equipment, academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/equipment.htm
Homework 5
Due 10/17
Midterm Grades
due 10/17
Schumann: Gold/Silver pg. 208,
Opal pg. 150-3
Opal and Gem Briefs, O-R;
and RealGems.org, O-R.
Oct. 10-17 Gem Creation, academic.emporia.edu/

Gem Enhancement, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 6: Gem Show Reports
Due One Week After Attendance
See library resources
former reports.
Schumann: Inclusions pg. 49-51,
Cutting/Polishing pg. 58-67, Diamond
Cut pg. 80-81, Imitations pg. 242-246,
Turquoise, pg. 170-1 - Turquoise
Gem Briefs, S-Z, RealGems.org, S-Z.
http://www.fieldgemology.org/: A Travel Blog
Nov. 1 - 14
Test 2 Change of plans! Lectures
and readings to come!
Final Course Project

Date Topic Assignment Readings and Sites of Interest
Oct. 17-Oct. 31
and beyond!
... Gemstone Evaluation, academic.emporia.edu/

Diamonds, academic.emporia.edu/
Sorry for delay -
Sent Test 2 on 11/1/2012
Due 11/14/12
Schumann: Diamonds pg. 70-81
Go to Gemlinks, www.emporia.edu/

for external gem links!
Oct. 31-Nov. 7
Emerald, www.emporia.edu/

Pearl, academic.emporia.edu/
...work on Test 2 Schumann: Emerald-Beryl
pg. 90-97, Pearl pg. 222-32
Nov. 7-14 Ruby and Sapphire, academic.emporia.edu/

Tanzanite, academic.emporia.edu/
...work on Test 2
Due 11/14/12
Veterans' Day holiday, 11/11/12
Schumann: Corundum pg. 82-89,
Tanzanite pg. 160-1
Nov. 14-21 Amber, academic.emporia.edu/

Amethyst, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 6-GemShowReport!
Due 11/21
Schumann: Amber pg. 228-9,
Amethyst pg. 118-9,
Quartz group pg. 126-149
Nov. 21-28 Topaz, academic.emporia.edu/

Tourmaline, academic.emporia.edu/
Homework 7
Due 11/28
Happy Thanksgiving! 11/22-23
Schumann: Topaz pg. 102-103,
Tourmaline pg. 110-13
Nov. 28-Dec. 5
Final Project Completion!
Due 12/7/11
Final Project

Due 12/7
Lectures and readings to date
Dec. 7
Web Presentations Online
Have a great holiday season!

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