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GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology
ES 567 Gemstones of the World
Dr. Susan Ward Aber, Geologist & Gemologist
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas USA

Introduction Timeline and Assessment Topic Ideas Examples of Past Projects


The primary purpose of the final project assignment is the content or exploration of a gemstone topic in some detail. This is the same as the traditional report for a course but the format must be able to go online. A power point with notes or webpage format for presentation has advantages over the traditional paper report including the addition of outside online supporting documents and images (e.g., images, maps, diagrams, and charts), as well as the advantage is asynchronous universal access. Global access eliminates geographic barriers, but, creates a concern for the reader of source credibility. Therefore, this student assignment should be clearly labeled as such...This webpage was created by a student to fulfill an assignment for a gemstone and gemology course from Emporia State University.

The presentation format for this project must go online and powerpoint, webpage, wiki, screencast, Prezi are the likely choices. If you have other suggestions, just email me with your idea... here are a few useful sites:

HTML tutorials or alternate formats HTML symbols and colors Online writing aids
    , HTML Tutorial-
    outdated but works!
    Dave Raggett's Basic HTML Guide
    Dave Raggett on CSS
    Organizing the Elements
    of Your Web Page, Janette Bradley
  • OR
    PBWorks (YouTube on PB Wiki
  • Character entities, symbols, color, tag
    -symbols and letter code
    -color code
    -out dated and current tags
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Your Dictionary and more!
    Online Writing Lab Purdue
    good reference for writing and citing
  • Do you want to use a webpage format for presentation? If so, visit the Earth Science ESU webpage, Instructions for Creating Student Reports and Webpages, and read it carefully...


    Timeline and Assessment

    You have first notice of this assignment now, at the beginning of the semester. Begin thinking about a topic that interests you and report this webpage topic to me on or before October 17. A first draft, including a working title, overall outline and some references, is due on or before November 1. A complete projet is due on or before Nov. 30 for early bird points. Campus students will be presenting the report December 4 our last class meeting and all reports will go online! The project is due no later than 12/7 and deductions may occur if these deadlines are missed.

    Although the primary purpose of this assignment is in the content, assessment will not be based solely on text, proper citation and referencing. The final grade will be divided between content and proper reference documentation (75 points), the ability to meet deadlines (5 points), and creative, online-compatible design (20 points). Grading will vary with the format but basically it includes:

    The webpage topic is your choice and can be a descriptive or an analytical report or resource pathfinder with descriptive reviews. References for the webpage should include both traditional print and digital sources, and may include journals, books, government-organization-education webpages, encyclopedias, and the like. Citations and images in the text shall be properly referenced. Review Instructions for Creating Student Webpages, for details on suggested citation-reference style. Also, visit these plagiarism pages for clarification on acceptable writing practices:

    Topic Ideas

    The assignment is to create a webpage that deals with gemstones and gemology. Some potential topics are given below, but topic choices are endless and up to you!

    Mining History
    of Minerals used as Gems
    Multifaceted Aspects
    of Gem Cutting
    Gem Field Trips: A Reference and Review Guide
    Diamonds: Investment and Enjoyment
    Crown Jewels:
    A Historical Account of Wealth and Power

    A History of Gem Synthesis
    Ivory: From Scrimshaw to Poaching
    Everything You Wanted to Know About ...
    Egyptian Gemstone:
    Tombs and Treasures
    Idar-Oberstein: The Cutting Legend Lives On
    Common Gemstone Enhancement Procedures
    Gems used in Mourning Jewelry
    Amethyst Equals Sobriety
    and Other Gemstone Myths
    Gemstone Journals and Books:
    A Reference and Review Guide
    Pegmatites: Nature's Gemstone Incubator

    Past Projects

    Review what students have done in the past

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