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Amber Quiz

This page is designed to increase your knowledge of amber! Take the entire quiz and check yourself by the answers given after question fourteen. OR Answer only the questions you are interested in and click on the highlighted word in any particular statement for more information.

  1. T or F: Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests.

  2. T or F: Jelinite is a common fossil resin.

  3. T or F: Amber is a mineral.

  4. T or F: The composition, color, and other physical properties of amber vary according to age, conditions of burial, and type of tree that produced the resin.

  5. T or F: Amber could be found in the state of Kansas, other than jewelry stores!

  6. T or F: Modern insects are likely remains found in amber.

  7. T or F: People used to fish for amber.

  8. T or F: Plastic imitations of amber can be distinguished from natural amber.

  9. T or F: Amber's main use today is in the stem of tobacco pipes.

  10. T or F: Amber can contain dinosaur DNA, which is extracted from the mosquito included in the amber.

  11. T or F: One should put amber jewelry on first and not be concerned if it is coated with hairspray and perfume.

  12. T or F: Fatty amber is the green variety of amber.

  13. T or F: Copal is not the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature recent resin.

  14. T or F: The Lithuanian Amber Museum , located in Palanga, is devoted to all aspects of amber and houses over 25,000 specimens.

Answers to the quiz!

  1. True

  2. False

  3. False

  4. True

  5. True

  6. False

  7. True

  8. True

  9. False

  10. False

  11. False

  12. False

  13. True

  14. True

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