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Uses of Amber

In the 1920's one-half of the production of amber went for the manufacture of articles for smokers, cigar/cigarette-holders, mouth-pieces for pipes. The main finished products of amber can be divided into four categories: jewelry, smoking articles, objects of art, and devotional articles. Jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, pendants, finger rings, cufflinks, teething rings for children, etc. Smoking articles were mentioned above. Another utilitarian use was with balls of amber, that were used to remove lint from clothing because of the ability to generate static electricity by rubbing! Objects of art are items like: carvings, jewelry boxes, cups and dishes, writing utensils, ornaments, chess sets, mosaic pictures, chandeliers. View the beautiful amber ship and amber cabinet. The ship was created in Königsberg by 1934, while the amber cabinet was made in Königsberg before 1742 and currently located in Dresden, Germany. A stunning ornamental amber egg was presented to Gdansk, Poland in honor of the city's 1000th anniversary (!) from a Mrs. Heidrun Mohr-Mayer. Other objects of art include devotional items, such as: Catholic, Moslem and Buddist rosaries, sacred figures, and amulets. Amber is used in skin care products, and for some, amber has medical and religious uses such as Use in Chinese Medicine, Medical and Religious Properties, Baltic Amber - Alternative Medicine, and Magic and Medicine.

Amber and other fossil resins have a practical side too when they are used for varnish and lacquers, and burned as incense. In ancient times the aroma was appreciated in order to camouflage the odor of spoiled food. Modern resin or gum (pine pitch) is used in the production of rosin, turpentine, creams and oils for the perfume industry (Novgorod Province, Russia, Bor Experimental and Industrial Chemical Forestry). Fine amber varnish is applied to violins. Also see The Alchemist amber varnishes for violins and bowed instruments and secrets of the masters.

Amber has even been used as a building material. Amber created the alter in St. Brygida Church, Gdansk, Poland. In St. Petersburg, Russia, the walls of the famous Amber Room (image to the right) were lined with intricate carvings and inlaid designs. This palace room is being reconstructed from photographs, and can be visited at Palace of Catherine of Tsarskoye Selo. Other websites on this topic are shown below.

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    Photo by J. and M. Melhorn. 12/2002.

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  • Wall panels, detailed individual panels , and an amber case. At this same site, the history of the Amber Room is given in Polish. An index weblink directory is given at Bursztyn Amber.
  • Amber has been known since prehistoric times and stone age artifacts are common in museums, such as these from the National Museum of Denmark located in Copenhagen. Amber beads have been found in 4000 year old graves near Stonehenge, England. Amber beads (from the National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark), amulets, carvings have all been found in archaeological sites throughout northern Europe and along the Mediterranian and Asia. More information on amber use and archeological finds, which are both found at Gintaro Galerija Muziejus.

    Commercial web sites are a great place to view amber used as jewelry. Although examples are given, no promotion or endorsement of these sites is intended by the author.

    Amber Magic,
    In addition to beautiful jewelry, visit upcoming Polish amber events and The Man Guide,,
    created to help with amber jewelry choices! More choices of brief articles are at Read more about Amber.
    Gintaro Galerija Muziejus
    Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiris
    Vilnius and Nida, Lithuania
    and specifically the Educational Museum
    Amber Goods
    Piotr Przestrzelski and Malgorzata Przestrzelska
    15 Castle Meadows, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
    See Silver Hallmarking, Irish or Polish Hallmarking
    information, as well as Polish hallmarks.
    Bursztyn-Amber Stone Live
    Andrzej Gorski, Poland
    Also see Baltic Amber Origin
    Amber World, Amber Jewelry Trade System
    Kaunas, Lithuania
    Højer's Amber Page
    Gerda and Benni Højer
    Mygdel, Denmark
    Also see Learn about Amber
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    Drabik's Amber, Marcin Drabik
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    Jens von Holt
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    Silv-Art Amber Jewellery
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    Rättvik, Sweden
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