Emporia State Research Studies

Authors and Manuscripts

Emporia State Research Studies(ESRS) is an international, on-line, peer-reviewed, open-access journal. ESRS publishes original scholarly and scientific papers and creative works accompanied by critical or scholarly analysis. From 1930-2001, ESRS was published in traditional print format. We are pleased to announce that ESRS is presently fully available in electronic format.

Now considering manuscripts for future issues.

Instructions for Authors


Final versions of accepted manuscripts should be sent digitally as plain text (txt), rich-text format (rtf) or Word (doc) files along with a PDF version. Image files may be black-and-white (gray tone) or color pictures, and should be provided separately in tiff, gif or jpeg format. Do not embed images in the text file. Digital image resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Column width is 3.375 inches (~1000 pixels/dots wide); full page width is 7.0 inches (2100 pixels/dots wide). Illustrations created with PowerPoint are generally not suitable for publication purposes. Short audio and video clips are also possible.

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Last update October 2015.