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Table of Contents, Volume 43

Issue 1, November 2006
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Lauren R. Shapiro The effects of question type and eyewitness temperament on accuracy and quantity of recall for a simulated misdemeanor crime
Jon Vopata, James S. Aber and Volli Kalm Patterned ground in the Culebra Range, southern Colorado
Waseem Afzal An argument for the increased use of qualitative research in LIS
Jonathan J. Cole The Congo question: Conflicting visions of independence
Upton Dabney and Mike Butler The predictive ability of the YMCA Test and Bruce Test for triathletes with different training backgrounds 38-44

Issue 2, April 2007
Authors Article title Pages PDF
Kyle Scott Testing Schattschneider’s theory of how party competition affects policy: A state level analysis
Kelby Harrell, James S. Aber, and Richard O. Sleezer Ross Natural History Reservation: Six decades of changing land cover and management documented by aerial photography
Gwen Carnes and Nancy Albrecht Academic and social-emotional effects of full-day kindergarten: The benefits of time

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