Emporia State Research Studies

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Table of Contents, Volume 47

Issue 1, May 2011
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Lida Owens, James S. Aber and Susan W. Aber Remote sensing half-century record of environmental changes at Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas
Edwin Church and Paul Bland A process for increasing school district efficiency and effectiveness
Pamelyn M. MacDonald and Meredith L. McKee Case studies: Effective in promoting student learning or waste of class time?
Waseem Afzal and Kim M. Thompson Contributions of cognitive science to information science: An analytical synopsis

Issue 2, November 2011
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Anwar Abdel Kaream Addressing contemporary British problems: A thematic study of Stevie Smith’s social poetry
Steven W. Neill, Paul Bland, Edwin Church, Climetine Clayburn and W. Michael Shimeall Teacher non-renewal: Lessons for teacher preparation program design

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