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Table of Contents, Volume 52

Special issue (1) on bullying, January 2019
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Amanda P. Brabec, George B. Yancey, C. D. Daniels, Jacoda L. Barger and Henry Wijata Contrapower harassment of professors by college students
Martha Lann and George B. Yancey A cry for justice: Talking with workplace bullying victims
Sonja Ezell Combating marginalization through diversity-based book clubs
Xiuyi Guan and George B. Yancey Cross-cultural differences in how performance appraisals are experienced
Rochelle Rowley and Gary Wyatt The more things change, the more they stay the same: An analysis of cyberbullying experiences among college students
Connie Phelps, Ashley Beason-Manes and Amy Lockman Covert aggression and gifted adolescent girls

Issue no. 2, January 2019
Authors Article title Pages PDF
Thomas Richardson On a mission for the Nation: A microhistory of Fr. Francis X. Weninger, S.J.
Paul D. Bland, Edwin Church, Amanda Lickteig and Mingchu Neal Luo When a frontier Kansas superintendent of schools caused a lynching
Connie Phelps and James S. Aber Editorial change for ESRS
Connie Phelps, James S. Aber and Michael Smith ESRS reviewers from 2015-2019

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