Daily Schedule
Tropical Field Ecology

The daily schedule is extremely flexible, depending upon weather conditions, wave action, and logistics. However, unless we are engaged in some other activity, you can expect to be snorkeling for several hours in the morning and for several hours in the afternoon. In general, the evening will be for studying, an ocassional lecture, socializing, or visiting local establishments.

 27 Dec am: arrive on San Salvador Island, check-in, lunch at GRC
        pm: orientation, introduction to snorkeling at Graham's Harbor

 28 Dec am: snorkel French Bay, lunch at French Bay
        pm: snorkel Pigeon Creek

 29 Dec am: boat ride to Green Cay, lunch at GRC
        pm: snorkel Sanddollar Reef

 30 Dec am: snorkel Hannah Beach, lunch on the beach
        pm: examination of dune flora 
 31 Dec am: snorkel Lindsay Reef, Fernandez Bay, lunch at Columbus Monument
        pm: tour Cockburn Town, snorkel Snapshot Reef, Fernandez Bay

  1 Jan am: free time
        pm: snorkel Dump Reef
     night: snorkel Dump Reef (night dive)

  2 Jan am: swim to Manhead Cay
        pm: snorkel Grotto Beach, sample in a blue hole

  3 Jan am: birdwatching at Jones Road and the Catchment Basin, lunch at GRC
        pm: snorkel/dive the Wall (through the Riding Rock)

  4 Jan am: review for final exams
        pm: practical exam (on a coral reef)
     night: lab practical

  5 Jan am: depart San Salvador

Last updated on 24 August 2003.
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