Practice Quiz for General Genetics
Chapter 10 -- Chemical Nature of the Gene
Chapter 12 - DNA Replication and Repair

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1. The replication of DNA is
A. constitutive
B. conservative
C. semi-constitutive
D. semi-conservative

2. In nucleic acids the 5' carbon of one sugar is held to the 3' carbon of the adjacent sugar by
A. a hydrogen bond
B. a phosphodiester bridge
C. an amide bond
D. a phosphoanhydride bond

3. In DNA, which of the following is true
A. the [G] = [C]
B. the [G+C] = [A+T]
C. the [G] = [A]
D. none of the above are true

4. Which of the following is not a nitrogenous base in RNA
A. cytosine
B. guanine
C. thymine
D. adenine

5. DNA synthesis, that is the addition of a new nucleotide, always proceeds
A. from the promoter
B. in either direction
C. in the 3' to 5' direction
D. in the 5' to 3' direction

6. In RNA, which of the following is true
A. the [G] = [C]
B. the [A] = [T]
C. the [G+C] = [A+T]
D. none of the above are true

7. During DNA replication, the role of DNA polymerase I is to
A. remove the RNA primer
B. to stabilize the single stranded structure
C. to link okasaki fragments together
D. to unwind the original DNA molecule

8. Which of the DNA's, with the melting points as given, has the highest amount of A-T pairs?
A. 84 C
B. 73 C
C. 69 C
D. 78 C

9. Given that a nucleic acid has 30% A, 20% G, 30 % T, and 20% C, this nucleic acid is
A. double stranded DNA
B. single stranded DNA
C. double stranded RNA
D. single stranded RNA

10. Meselsohn and Stahl in their experiment on DNA replication used a technique called
A. autoradiography
B. starch-gel elecrophoresis
C. density-gradient centrifugation
D. crystalagrophy

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