Practice Quiz for General Genetics
Chapter 16 - Control of Gene Expression: Prokaryotes

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1. In the lac operon the order of segments in the DNA is
A. operator, promoter, galactosidase, transferase, permease
B. operator, promoter, galactosidase, permease, transferase
C. promoter, operator, permease, transferase, galactosidase
D. promoter, operator, galactosidase, permease, transferase

2. In the tryptophan operon the repressor protein binds to the
A. promoter
B. operator
C. attenuator
D. terminator loop

3. In the lac operon, the role of the catabolite activator protein is to
A. insure the use of lactose before any other sugar
B. insure that lactose can enter the cell
C. insure that glucose is used before lactose
D. insure that glucose is stored for future use

4. An inducible system is controlled by the starting compound and codes for enzymes in
A. a catabolic pathway
B. an anabolic pathway
C. an aerobic pathway
D. a symbolic pathway

5. In the lac operon, a mutant that causes the galactosidase to be continuously transcribed, even in the absence of lactose, is called
A. constitutive
B. transitive
C. over expressed
D. inductive

6. A promoter that binds RNA polymerase strongly is said to be
A. enhanced
B. efficient
C. repressed
D. attenuated

7. A protein that changes shape and functionality when it binds with a molecule is called
A. an enzyme
B. a membrane protein
C. a binding protein
D. an allosteric protein

8. In the tryptophan operon the repressor protein is coded for by a
A. a regulator gene
B. a ribosomal gene
C. an enhancer
D. an attenuator

9. The attenuator region of the tryptophan operon works by forming a terminator loop for transcription when
A. the cell is undergoing general starvation
B. the cell has other amino acids but is short on tryptophan
C. the cell has too much tryptophan
D. the cell has too many of all amino acids

10. The functioning of the catabolite activator protein requires the use of which intracellular messenger
A. nitric oxide
B. acetylcholine
D. cyclic AMP

11. Which of the following merodiploids would be constitutive?
A. lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+/lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+
B. lacI- lacO+ lacZ+/lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+
C. lacI+ lacOc lacZ+/lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+
D. lacIs lacO+ lacZ+/lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+

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