Practice Quiz for General Genetics
Chapter 16 -- Control of Gene Expression: Eukaryotes
Chapter 21 -- Developmental Genetics and Cancer Genetics

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1. A zinc-finger protein controls the expression of genes by binding to
B. antigens
C. ribosomes

2. Genes that are transcribed by the nurse cells that surround the egg of a fruit fly and whose transcripts are then transported into the developing egg are called
A. gap genes
B. maternal-effect genes
C. segment genes
D. homeotic genes

3. Bithorax is a gene that causes a fly to have two winged segments in the thorax. This gene is a
A. segment gene
B. growth factor gene
C. homeotic gene
D. maternal-effects gene

4. A nucleus that has the ability to develop into any type of adult cell is said to be
A. pleiotropic
B. totipotent
C. hemizygous
D. plenipotent

5. A homeo box is a
A. sequence of DNA that codes for a zinc-finger protein
B. sequence of RNA that binds to other RNAs
C. sequence of DNA that codes for the helix-turn-helix domain of a protein
D. a protein that binds GTP

6. The mutant allele of a tumor suppressors gene is
A. inherited through the maternal line
B. recessive to the normal allele
C. dominat to the normal allele
D. inherited through the paternal line

7. The normal genes that are found in the genome of an organism and that have the potential to transform a cell to a cancerous cell if they are activated are called
A. proto-oncogenes
B. anti-oncogenes
C. retro-genes
D. fragile site genes

8. Which of the following would not be a function of an oncogene?
A. code for a tyrosine kinase
B. code for a DNA-binding protein
C. code for a GTP-binding protein
D. code for a gap protein

9. What percentage of cancers are thought to be caused by carcinogenic chemicals in the environment?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 80%
D. 99%

10. The genetic material in a retrovirus is
A. + strand RNA
B. - strand DNA
C. dsRNA
D. dsDNA

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