Practice Quiz for General Genetics
Chapter 23 -- Population and Evolutionary Process
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium and Nonrandom Mating

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1. At a single locus with two alleles ("S" and "s"), if the frequency of the "S" allele is 0.72 in a population, then the frequency of the "s" allele is
A. 0.64
B. 0.36
C. 0.28
D. 0.80

2. In a sample from a population there were 65 individuals with the "BB" genotype, 30 individuals with the "Bb" genotype, and 15 individuals with the "bb" genotype. The frequency of the "b" allele was
A. 0.27
B. 0.59
C. 0.41
D. 0.73

3. Which of the following populations has the highest phenotypic variance for flower color?
A. F=0, all individuals are homozygous for red flower color.
B. F=1, half of the flowers are red and half are white.
C. F=0, half of the flowers are pink, the others red or white.
D. F=1, 80% are red and 20% are white.

4. Assortative mating would act to
A. change the allele frequency
B. increase heterozygosity
C. decrease heterozygosity
D. remove the dominant allele from the population

5. If the frequency of the "AA" genotype is 0.40 and the frequency of the "aa" genotype is 0.20 in a population, then the frequency of the "Aa" genotype is
A. 0.25
B. 0.20
C. 0.40
D. 0.50

6. Which of the following is an assumption for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
A. no epistasis
B. no dominance
C. no crossing-over
D. no mutation

7. If the frequency of the "AA" genotype is 0.25 and the frequency of the "Aa" genotype is 0.45 in a population, then under Hardy-Weinberg, the frequency of matings between the "aa" and "aa" genotypes would be
A. 0.063
B. 0.090
C. 0.300
D. 0.112

8. Given that the frequency of children homozygous for the recessive allele for cystic fibrosis is about 0.0016. What is the frequency of heterozygotes in the population?
A. 0.960
B. 0.077
C. 0.040
D. 0.923

9. The frequency of "A" in the population is 0.6 and the frequency of "a" is 0.4. The frequency of the "Aa" genotype is 0.32. What is the inbreeding coefficient for the population?
A. 0.33
B. 0.52
C. 0.67
D. 0.48

10. The generally deleterious effects caused by inbreeding are due to
A. an increase in genetic variability that disrupts developmental sequences
B. an increase in homozygosity of recessive deleterious alleles
C. an increase in allozygosity of all alleles
D. an increase in the mutation rate

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