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General Genetics
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There is a set of notes for each chapter that will be covered in this course. Not all of the chapters in your textbook will be covered. The notes only cover those topics that will be covered in class and for which you are responsible. Some topics may not be covered in the book but will be presented in these notes. The chapters below are arranged in the order in which they will be covered. Specific topics listed in the class schedule are linked to these notes.

Your first introduction to the material for this course will be via these notes. You are expected to read and study these notes before coming to class. The class notes specifically reference certain tables and figures in your textbook. You should also study the textbook paying particular attention to the tables and figures. Class time is a time for asking questions, discsussions, or small group problem solving. I will not be covering these notes in a classical lecture format.

These notes are provided to help direct your study from the textbook. They are not designed to explain all aspects of the material in great detail; that is what class time and the book is for. If you were to study only these notes, you would not learn enough genetics to do well in the course.

A new set of notes that is cross-referenced to the new textbook is in progress. Chapters will be uploaded as they become available.

exam #1
  • Chapter 2 -- Chromosome and Cellular Reproductionupdated 2005
  • Chapter 3 -- Basic Principles of Heredityupdated 2007
  • Chapters 4 and 6 -- Sex Determination, Sex-linked Traits, Pedigreesupdated 2007
  • Chapter 3 -- Probability and Statistics

    exam #2
  • Chapter 7 -- Linkage, Recomination, and Eukaryotic Gene Mapping
  • Chapter 8 -- Bacterial Genetics
  • Chapter 9 -- Chromosome Variation
  • Chapter 22 -- Quantitative Genetics

    exam #3
  • Chapter 23 -- Population and Evolutionary Genetics

  • Chapters 13 and 14 -- Transcription and RNA Processing
  • Chapter 15 -- The Genetic Code and Translation
  • Chapter 16 -- Control of Gene Expression: Prokaryotes
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