Comments from Aaron Hedrick

How can I say this in a good way? My experience in Mexico was great. It started in Kansas while we were leaving. I learned not to let women pack a van. Thus Sean and I were not very comfortable on the trip down. I also learned to integrate with students of other states and schools, which did not happen until we were in Mexico. One thing to remember is not to be a jackass or a smartass at customs or a border checkpoint. I will also remember that night driving around the mountain, either of them. I learned two things on this night and into the early morning. The first one is not to let a crazy old man drive in the mountains and the second one is not to let a crazy college student that has not slept that much drive in the mountains either.

One of the biggest things that was taught to me on this lovely trip is that you do not get a whole lot of sleep. As we stayed on the beach for the whole week. It was a learning experience the whole time, even while you were sleeping. My experience started with mammals and we only caught a mouse in our traps. This was my first time trapping animals of any type. That night we went and caught bats in nets, another first. The second day I went seining in the ocean, another first. Testing pH is not a first, but it is in a river. Also snorkeling in a crocodile farm with real croc's is a first and a fun first, not that the rest is not fun.

Day three was the day I met Chavez, this is an experience by itself. Chavez loved his snakes and lizards and all reptiles. Which I like them too, but not running through a forest of banana trees in about 100 degree weather on my hands and knees turning over rocks. At night I was the crazy picture taker so Chavez said in Spanish that I did not understand. On day four was birds. Birds are cool and some are pretty, but my interest is not that great, but I still enjoyed my experience of seeing birds I do not get to see here in Kansas. The way back, I learned that Mexico is fun and primitive, but everybody wants to go home after a while. From experience number one, I packed the van the morning of leaving the beach. A whole lot more room. And we could even see out the back windows (not much).

A city on the side of a mountain has a lot of hills. Real de Catorce was beautiful, but I was broke so not much fun for me. I found out you can have more fun with no money than with money because you can see it and experience it yourself. The women packed the van for the way back and it was worse that the way down. The biggest two things I learned is to interact with people from around the world and the other thing is the only way to experience something is with your own eyes and not someone's readings, stories, or their experiences.
Last updated on 16 April 2001.
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