Biology of Mexican Vertebrates

These are photos from around camp at Los Cocos.

photo along the tripThis is breakfast at La Rosita Restaraunt. As part of the deal, the restaraunt fixes two meals a day plus a rather substantial snack in the evening.
We would ocassionally download pictures to a laptop computer. Luis, Tammy, Amy, Cristian, Clif, Daphne, and Jason are reviewing the pictures of the last couple along the trip
photo along the tripEarly morning scene along the beach. These boats are used by local fishermen to seine for fish and dive for oysters.
This is an early morning view of the beach looking south from along the trip
photo along the tripWe camp out near the restaraunt under the coconut palms. This is a photo in the early morning mist.
This is Matt demonstrating how to use the stone washboard for washing ones along the trip
photo along the tripUnder the thatch roof of the open-air part of the restaraunt there are a several hammocks. This is Ursula demonstrating the use of a hammock.
This is the tent along the trip
photo along the tripOn our way to set bat nets, we pass through Aticama, which is a small town along the beach. Here is a hot dog from the food stand along the road in Aticama.
A late night card game at La along the trip
photo along the tripStrangler figs are common in the area. This is Dwight's self portrait in the strangler fig near camp.
This is a foot path along the beach to Aticama, which is the small town at the point of land on the right. This path is barely dry at high along the trip
photo along the tripWe are usually at Los Cocos for the First Day of Spring, which is a holiday in Mexico. Many people visit the beach on this day.
The driver got his 4x4 stuck in the sand with the tide coming in. It was quite an ordeal to get his truck out and eventually required a backhoe. This became quite a spectator event before it was along the trip
photo along the tripThis is one of the owners of La Rosita's. Here he is cooking fish for our dinner.
This is a cooked fish. These are often barracudas or along the trip
photo along the tripThe woman in the middle is one of the owners. Her husband was cooking the fish. The other people are either her daughter (on the far left) or they work at La Rositas.
The sun in the tropics is much more intense than it is in Kansas. This is the result of not taking proper along the trip

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