Biology of Mexican Vertebrates

The section on Ichthyology was taught by Humberto Mojica, Fernando, Bruce Stewart, and Chris Taylor. These are pictures of some of the activities.

photo along the tripBruce and Mojica standing near the mouth of the river that flows through the north end of San Blas.
This is Chris mending the seine before heading to the along the trip
photo along the tripThe ichthyology group has a 30-meter seine that they use in the oceans. Here are Victor, Luis, Chris, Kathyrin, Edith, Cliff, Rodrigo, Andy, and Tammy heading into the surf to use the seine.
Going around the circle, this is Mojica, Chris, Kathyrin, Edith, Cliff, Fernando, Amy, Rodrigo, and Andy pulling the seine into along the trip
photo along the tripThis is Luis, Victor, Elena, and Mojica dragging the seine through the surf and onto the beach.
This is Fernando explaing how to use the along the trip
photo along the tripStephanie, Jennifer, Paul, and Travis using various keys to identify the fish that they caught.
The ichthyology group also goes to a small creek to sample the fish and take readings on the water quality. This is Travis using a flow along the trip
photo along the tripThis is Fernando using a backpack electroshocker to sample fish.
The ichthyology group collected samples from the ocean at various times during the 5 days. This is their night sample and here are Matt and Seth helping to drag the seine onto the along the trip
photo along the tripAs most of the other groups were done with their work, the night seining activity proved to be a great spectator event.

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