Comments from Mandy Youngblood

The Field Biology of Mexico Vertebrate class went to a beach near San Blas, Mexico to study mammals, birds, herps, and fish of Mexico. We traveled with a group form Murray College located in Tishomingo, OK, then we met several other students from different colleges in Mexico. When we got to the beach, we were split into 4 groups so the Kansas, Oklahoma and Mexico groups could interact with each other. We used nets to catch birds so we can study them, seined in the ocean (which is harder than it looks, but fun), snorkeled near crocodiles, went trapping for small mammals, and went to a banana plantation to catch iguanas, frogs, and snakes.

Meeting and getting to know people from other cultures was fun. Even though their lives are much different than ours, we found several things we could all relate to- one being beer.

After 5 days at the beach, we traveled to Real de Catorce to learn more about the culture. Some of us hiked up several mountains to learn more about the Huichol Indians and we all shopped and learned to bargain in the market. To sum it all up, it was an awesome experience and would love to do it again. Please feel free to email me at if there are any questions about this trip.
Last updated on 16 April 2001.
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