Biology of Mexican Vertebrates

These are pictures taken along the way.

photo along the tripAfter driving through Oklahoma and then Texas, we arrive in Laredo, Texas. We need to buy Mexican car insurance and change money before crossing the border. The students find that they have some idle time while that happens
This is the casa de cambio where one can trade dollars for along the trip
photo along the tripAfter crossing the border, which can be less than 30 minutes to several hours, we drive south to Anahuac. This is our first stop for lunch/supper in Mexico. Daphne is waving from the entrance.
The first step is to deciper the menu. This gets easier with along the trip
photo along the tripThese are the two brothers who own the restaraunt that we eat at in Anahuac, Mexico. They always seem happy to see us, though we only come once a year.
We have stopped here to let students look at the creosote bush dominated habitat in northern along the trip
photo along the tripBruce Stweart from Murray State College settling in for the long drive south.
Just north of Guadaljara, we pass through the town of Moyahua. We always stop and eat at this restaraunt as they have great food and it is open 24 hours per day. Stephanie, Jennifer, and Matt are relaxing on the bench in front of the along the trip
photo along the tripHere are all of our vans lined up in the parking lot of a Pemex station.
This is one of the rest stops near the toll booths on the autopista between Guadalajara and along the trip

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