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Taxonomy and nomenclature follows the American Ornithologists' Union (1998).

American Ornithologists' Union. 1998. The AOU Check-list of North American Birds, 7th Edition. plus annual supplements. Allen Press, Lawrence, Kansas. 829pp. web-based version at

You will be responsible for the classification from kingdom through family and its common name. You must spell all names or categories correctly.

Links at the taxonomic levels above family, take you to the Tree of Life Project. Links at the family level take you to sites at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. Use the "back" button in the top left corner to go back to the species list.

Kingdom Animalia
   Phylum Chordata
      Subphylum Vertebrata
         Class Aves
            Order Podicipediformes
               Family Podicipedidae
                  Podiceps nigricollis  (eared grebe)
            Order Ciconiiformes
               Family Ardeidae
                  Botaurus lentiginosus  (American bittern)
                  Butorides virescens  (green heron)
            Order Anseriformes
               Family Anatidae
                  Anas clypeata  (northern shoveler)
                  Anas crecca  (green-winged teal)
            Order Falconiformes
               Family Accipitridae
                  Circus cyaneus  (northern harrier)
               Family Falconidae
                  Falco sparverius  (American kestrel)
            Order Galliformes
               Family Phasianidae
                  Phasianus colchicus  (ring-necked pheasant)
                  Tympanuchus cupido  (greater prairie-chicken)
               Family Odontophoridae
                  Colinus virginianus  (northern bobwhite)
            Order Gruiformes
               Family Rallidae
                  Fulica americana  (American coot)
            Order Charadriiformes
               Family Charadriidae
                  Charadrius vociferus  (killdeer)
               Family Scolopacidae
                  Tringa flavipes  (lesser yellowlegs)
            Order Cuculiformes
               Family Cuculidae
                  Coccyzus erythropthalmus  (black-billed cuckoo)
                  Coccyzus americanus  (yellow-billed cuckoo)
.            Order Strigiformes
               Family Tytonidae
                  Tyto alba  (barn owl)
               Family Strigidae
                  Bubo virginianus  (great horned owl)
                  Asio otus  (long-eared owl)
            Order Caprimulgiformes
               Family Caprimulgidae
                  Chordeiles minor  (common nighthawk)
            Order Apodiformes
               Family Apodidae
                  Chaetura pelagica  (chimney swift)
               Family Trochilidae
                  Archilochus colubris  (ruby-throated hummingbird)
            Order Piciformes
               Family Picidae
                  Melanerpes erythrocephalus  (red-headed woodpecker)
                  Melanerpes carolinus  (red-bellied woodpecker)
                  Colaptes auratus  (northern flicker)
            Order Passeriformes
               Family Tyrannidae
                  Tyrannus verticalis  (western kingbird)
                  Tyrannus tyrannus  (eastern kingbird)
                  Tyrannus forficatus  (scissor-tailed flycatcher)
               Family Laniidae
                  Lanius ludovicianus  (loggerhead shrike)
               Family Corvidae
                  Cyanocitta cristata  (blue jay)
                  Pica hudsonia  (black-billed magpie)
                  Corvus brachyrhynchos  (American crow)
               Family Alaudidae
                  Eremophila alpestris  (horned lark)
               Family Hirundinidae
                  Petrochelidon pyrrhonota  (cliff swallow)
                  Hirundo rustica  (barn swallow)
               Family Paridae
                  Poecile articapillus  (black-capped chickadee)
                  Baeolophus bicolor  (tufted titmouse)
               Family Certhiidae
                  Certhia americana  (brown creeper)
               Family Troglodytidae
                  Troglodytes aedon  (house wren)
               Family Turdidae
                  Sialia sialis  (eastern bluebird)
                  Turdus migratorius  (American robin)
               Family Mimidae
                  Dumetella carolinensis  (gray catbird)
                  Toxostoma rufum  (brown thrasher)
               Family Sturnidae
                  Sturnus vulgaris  (European starling)
               Family Bombycillidae
                  Bombycilla cedrorum  (cedar waxwing)
               Family Parulidae
                  Dendroica coronata  (yellow-rumped warbler)
               Family Cardinalidae
                  Cardinalis cardinalis  (northern cardinal)
                  Spiza americana  (dickcissel)
               Family Emberizidae
                  Chondestes grammacus  (lark sparrow)
               Family Icteridae)
                  Agelaius phoeniceus  (red-winged blackbird)
                  Icterus galbula  (Baltimore oriole)
                  Sturnella magna (eastern meadowlark)
               Family Fringillidae
                  Carduelis tristis  (American goldfinch)
               Family Passeridae
                  Passer domesticus  (house sparrow)

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