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Taxonomy and nomenclature in general follows that in Kays and Wilson (2002). You will be responsible for the classification from kingdom to species, its common name, and its general distribution in Kansas (part of the state). Plus you must spell all names or categories correctly.

Links at the taxonomic levels above family, take you to the Tree of Life Project. Use the "back" button in the top left corner to go back to the species list. If you know of photographs on the WWW to which I could link, I would very much appreciate the URLs.

Kingdom Animalia
   Phylum Chordata
      Subphylum Vertebrata
         Class Mammalia
            Order Didelphimorpha
               Family Didelphidae
                  Didelphis virginiana  (Virginia opossum)
            Order Soricomorpha
               Family Soricidae
                  Blarina hylophaga  (Elliot's short-tailed shrew)
                  Cryptotis parva  (least shrew)
               Family Talpidae
                  Scalopus aquaticus  (eastern mole)
            Order Chiroptera
               Family Vespertilionidae
                  Myotis lucifugus  (little brown myotis)
                  Aeorestes cinereus  (hoary bat)
                  Lasionycteris noctivagans  (silver-haired bat)
                  Eptesicus fuscus  (big brown bat)
                  Corynorhinus townsendii  (Townsend's big-eared bat)
               Family Molossidae
                  Tadarida brasiliensis  (Brazilian free-tailed bat)
            Order Cingulata
               Family Dasypodidae
                  Dasypus novemcinctus  (nine-banded armadillo)
            Order Lagomorpha
               Family Leporidae
                  Sylvilagus floridanus  (eastern cottontail)
                  Lepus californicus  (black-tailed jackrabbit)
            Order Rodentia
               Family Sciuridae
                  Marmota monax  (woodchuck)
                  Ictidomys tridecemlineatus (thirteen-lined ground squirrel)
                  Cynomys ludovicianus  (black-tailed prairie dog)
                  Sciurus carolinensis  (gray squirrel)
                  Sciurus niger  (fox squirrel)
               Family Geomyidae
                  Geomys bursarius  (plains pocket gopher)
               Family Heteromyidae
                  Chaetodipus hispidus  (hispid pocket mouse)
                  Dipodomys ordii  (Ord's kangaroo rat)
               Family Castoridae
                  Castor canadensis  (beaver)
               Family Cricetidae
                  Reithrodontomys megalotis  (western harvet mouse)
                  Peromyscus leucopus  (white-footed mouse)
                  Peromyscus maniculatus  (deer mouse)
                  Sigmodon hispidus  (hispid cotton rat)
                  Neotoma floridana  (eastern woodrat)
                  Microtus ochrogaster  (prairie vole)
                  Ondatra zibethicus  (common muskrat)
                  Synaptomys cooperi  (southern bog lemming)
				Family Muridae
                  Rattus norvegicus  (Norway rat)
                  Mus musculus  (house mouse)
            Order Carnivora
               Family Canidae
                  Canis latrans  (coyote)
                  Vulpes vulpes  (red fox)
                  Urocyon cinereoargenteus  (gray fox)
               Family Procyonidae
                  Procyon lotor  (raccoon)
               Family Mustelidae
                  Mustela frenata  (long-tailed weasel)
                  Mustela nivalis  (least weasel)
                  Taxidea taxus  (badger)
               Family Mephitidae
                  Mephitis mephitis  (striped skunk)
               Family Felidae
                  Lynx rufus  (bobcat)

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