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Natural History of Vertebrates
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There is a set of notes that, for the most part, correspond to the chapters in your textbook. Not all of the chapters in your textbook will be covered and the material in some chapters is combined with other chapter . The notes only cover those topics that will be covered in class. Additional material may be covered as readings from the text. Some topics may not be covered in the book but will be presented in these notes. The chapters below are arranged in the order in which they will be covered.

These notes are provided to help direct your study from the textbook. They are not designed to explain all aspects of the material in great detail; that is what class time and the book is for. If you were to study only these notes, you would not learn enough to do well in the course.

You should pay close attention to the list of terms. Make sure that you can define each term and, where appropriate, have an example of where that thing occurs. For example, included with the definition of a clasper, you would also want to describe where and in what specific vertebrates this structure would occur.

exam #1
  • Chapter 1 - Diversity, classification, and evolution
              List of terms for chapter 1
  • Chapter 2 - Vertebrate Relationships and Basic Structure
              List of terms for chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 - Jawless Vertebrates and the Origin of Jawed Vertebrates
              List of terms for chapter 3
  • Chapter 7 - Fossils and Continental Drift
              List of terms for chapter 7
  • Chapter 5 - Radiation of the Chondrichthyes
              List of terms for chapter 5
  • Chapter 6 - Major Radiation of Fishes (in part)
              List of terms for chapter 6

    exam #2
  • Chapter 6 - Major Radiation of Fishes (in part)
              List of terms for chapter 6
  • Chapter 9 - Origin and Radiation of Tetrapods (non-amniotes)
              List of terms for chapter 9
  • Chapter 10 - Salamanders, Anurans, and Caecilians
              List of terms for chapter 10
  • Chapter 9 (amniotes) and Chapter 12 - Amniote Origins and Turtles
              List of terms for chapter 9 and 12
  • Chapter 16 - Mesozoic Diapsids
              List of terms for chapter 16
    The notes above this line have been recently updated.

    exam #3
  • Chapter 11 & 14 -- The Lepidosaurs: (from 10 Mar 03)
  • Chapter 15 - The Evolution of Birds
  • Chapter 16

  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 15

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