Directions for using SigmaPlot
Plot 2, Continuous Data

The directions for using SigmaPlot for this class will be cumulative, in that directions covered in previous plots will not be recovered in subsequent exercises. I will however, link back to previous directions. SigmaPlot is an extremely powerful package that you will also be able to use in other classes or when writing your thesis or other manuscripts.

Start SigmaPlot as described previously. Enter the data so that the class marks are in column 1 and the frequencies are in column 2. Label the columns and make a vertical bar graph as done previously. Be sure to set the Bar Thickness to 100% and label the x and y axes.

Fine tuning: You might notice that your bars are displayed in the center of the graph with a lot of white space to either side. To change this, we are going to change the scaling on the x-axis. Click on Graph, then Graph Properties, and then on the Axes tab. Then choose the X Data or whatever you may have entitled the x-axis. On the left is a menu, go down this menu until you find Scaling and click on that. This brings up a box with part of it labeled Range. Change the number in From to 3 and the number in To to 5, then click on Ok. This will change the scale on the x-axis and spread out your bars. Save your work to a disc.

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