Electronic Flashcards for Spanish

The idea behind this project is to mimic, in an electronic format, flashcards as they are used to learn Spanish. The idea with flashcards, is that you look at one side of the card, think of the answer, then flip the card over to see if you were right. On this web page, this takes the form of displaying one side of the card in one frame and then the answer in an adjacent frame.

These exercises provide drills for Spanish to English translation of vocabulary words, drills for verb conjugations, and other grammar drills as found in "Manual de Gramática" by Dozier and Iguina and in "Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish" by VanPatten, Marks, and Teschner (two texts currently used in Spanish courses at Emporia State University). This project is a collaborative effort by Edmée Fernández and Steve Hunsaker from the Division of Foreign Languages, and Dwight Moore from the Division of Biological Sciences. New exercises will be added as time permits, so stop by often.

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verb conjugations
use of correct tenses
verb-preposition combinations
translation of prepositional phrases

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