in front of

inside of


on top of

in front of

in front of

out of


in front of


on horseback

because of + noun

around, at about

in depth

by (dint of)

at the same time

at least


by hand

frequently, often

by eye, roughly, by estimation

in spite of

on foot

on time


to get used + inf

to learn how + inf

to hurry + inf

to dare + inf

to help + inf

to begin + inf

to stop + inf

to begin + inf

to teach how + inf

to invite + inf

to refuse + inf

to begin + inf

to resign yourself to + inf

to inf again



provided that

to marry

to meet

to become mad at

to become involved with

to keep

to dream about

of, from


the way you do it

so that





once in awhile

just + inf

to remember to

to be glad

to regret

to be ashamed

to make fun of

to realize, to become aware

to stop + inf

to depend on

to say good-bye to

to fall in love with

to find out about, to hear about

to be in love with

to leave + place

to forget

to think about, opinion

to complain about

to laugh at

to finish + inf

to try + inf

to be about


as soon as

in regard to

in front of

right away, immediately

instead of

to consent to

to consist of

to agree to

to change form, to become

to insist on

to enter

to major in in college

to notice, to become aware

to influence

to insist on

to think of someone

to take time

not to be in the mood for jokes

not to be that bad


that is why


as a rule

at least

on the other hand


of course

to make an effort to

to be interested in

to ask for + person

to worry about

to take for

below, underneath physically

below, underneath not physically

in front, ahead movement

in front of, ahead of position

inside of a building

inside of a container

outside of a buildling

outside of a container or reach

around while looking

around position

behind, back of a buildling

behind, after pursuing, following

near, nearby living

near, close to position

below, underneath

below, under, underneath

on top

on top of, above

facing, infront, across the street

in front of, facing position

far away

far from