GO 572/ES 767

Contaminant Hydrogeology

Instructor: Dr. Marcia K. Schulmeister

Earth Science Department,
Emporia State University, Kansas, U.S.A.

phone 620-341-5983; E-mail: mschulme@emporia.edu

“Contaminant Hydrogeology” is the sequel to ESU's GO 571 "Hydrogeology" course, but students who have had an introductory hydrogeology course elsewhere may enroll. Basic hydrogeologic principles of relevance to a wide array of environmental and resource management applications are emphasized. Water quality concepts introduced in GO 571 are strenghtened in this course, and greater emphasis is placed on the chemical controls on their behavoir and fate in natural ground-water, surface water, and soil environments. Quantitative methods for assessing contaminant movement and fate are introduced through computer modeling exercises. Field and lab approaches to predicting, characterizing, and monitoring ground water and soil contamination, and strategies for remediation are part of this course; in some instances they will be illustrated through on-campus and "virtual" field trips.

The course is taught via the internet and is available to students enrolled in both on-campus and off-campus programs at ESU. On-campus students should use the STING method to enroll in the course following traditional on-campus enrollment procedures. Off-campus students should enroll through ESU's distance education office. On-campus students interested in taking this course should enroll in GO 572 or ES 767 and off-campus students should enroll in GO 572XA/ES767XA. In order to receive university credit for the course, students must be officially enrolle and will need to be in contact with the instructor to receive instructions for accessing course materials.