GO 571

Regional Aquifer Systems

Class Term Project Presentations

Spring 2007


The last online lecture of our series, was prepared by the students of GO 571, Spring 2007. The following pages are provided as a complement to chapters 7 and 8 in the textbook by Fetter. In-depth coverage of aquifers or aquifer systems located in the home states of class participants were reported on, with the intent of drawing on students' local experience, insight, and motivation to become better acquainted with "home-town hydrology". A few students reported on alluvial aquifers (Neosho and Ohio River, Roswell Basin and Tanana). Others discussed coastal systems (Floridan, Salina Valley, Pearl Harbor). Five students reported on mid-continent sedimentary sequences (Northern Great Plains, Southeastern Coastal, Madison, Colorado Plateau, Great Artesian), while one emphasized an igneous system (Pearl Harbor). Each report is unique. Please read through each paper as you ponder subtle and dramatic distinctions between Earth's aquifer systems, and are introduced to natural, artificial, and political issues associated with these differences. Enjoy your"virtual hydrogeologic road trip" through the U.S. and Australia


  • Erin Allen Colorado Plateaus Aqufiers
  • Wade Camp The Coffey County Kansas Portion of the Neosho River Alluvial Aquifer
  • Megan Flory The Pearl Harbor Aquifer of Oahu, Hawaii
  • Cara Haas The Floridan Aquifer
  • Chris Jung The Ohio River Alluvial Aquifer, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Brandon Milner Southeastern Coastal Plain Aquifer
  • Manuel Saavedra The Salinas Valley Aquifer
  • Dan Tush The Roswell Basin Aquifer
  • Nate Visser Tanana Basin Aquifer in central Alaska
  • Andy Vogelsberg The Northern Great Plains Aquifer System
  • John Waechter The Great Artesian Basin
  • Dallas Weaver The Madison Aquifer