GO 571

Regional Aquifer Systems

Class Term Project Presentations


The last online lecture of our series, was prepared by the students of GO 571, Class of 2008. The following pages are provided as a complement to chapters 7 and 8 in the textbook by Fetter. In-depth coverage of aquifers or aquifer systems located in the home states of class participants were reported on, with the intent of drawing on students' local experience, insight, and motivation to become better acquainted with "home-town hydrology". A few students reported on alluvial valley aquifers (San Joaquin, Coachella Valley). Others discussed coastal systems (Floridan, Carrizo-Wilcox). Three students reported on mid-continent sedimentary sequences (Dakota, Ozark and Johnson County), one emphasized an igneous system (Columbia Plateau), and one focused on a glacial sediments (Cape Cod). Each report is unique. Please read through each paper as you ponder subtle and dramatic distinctions between Earth's aquifer systems, and are introduced to natural, artificial, and political issues associated with these differences. Enjoy your"virtual hydrogeologic road trip" through the U.S.A.

  • Christine Coder ...Coming soon: The Tonawanda aquifer in NewYork
  • Darrel Drake ...Coming soon: Neosho River Valley
  • Robert Flood: Columbia Plateau Aquifer System
  • Scott Jones:The Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in Texas
  • Susan June: The Coachella Valley Basin
  • Jordan Lutz ... Coming soon: The Raton-Vermejo-Trinidad Aquifer
  • Margaret Martin: The Cape Cod Aquifer
  • Sarah Pick: The Dakota Aquifer
  • Mary Stewart:The Floridan aquifer
  • Leslie Thomas: The Effects of Landuse on The Ozark Plateaus Aquifer System
  • Stephanie Trump: The Aquifer of the San Joaquin Valley
  • Julie Westhoff: The Hydrogeology of Johnson County Kansas
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