GO 571

Regional Aquifer Systems

Class Term Project Presentations

Spring 2006


The members of the GO 571 Class of 2006 have prepared the last online lecture in our series. The following pages are provided as a complement to chapters 7 and 8 in your text book. In-depth coverage of aquifers or aquifer systems located in the hometowns or regions of interest to each of the class participants are presented here. This year, two of the aquifers reported on are considered unconsolidated aquifers ("High Plains" and "Equus Beds") while the others are Lithified sedimentary or igneous rock aquifers(Tonganoxie, Ozark, Denver Basin, Edwards, Cretaceous and Snake River). Each report is unique. Please read through each paper as you ponder subtle and dramatic distinctions between Earth's aquifer systems, and are introduced to natural, artificial, and political issues associated with these differences. Enjoy this year's "virtual hydrogeologic road trip" through the several of ground-water regions in the midwestern and western parts of North America that are discussed in the textbook.


  • Lori Bird Equus Beds: An Aquifer on the Road to Recovery
  • Gayla Corley The Rio Grande Aquifer System
  • Doug Geller Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer
  • Andy Holt From Right Out of History...It's the Cretaceous Aquifer
  • Tyler Ringler The High Plains Aquifer System
  • Scott Smith The Ozark Aquifer
  • Sam Somerholder The Edwards Aquifer
  • Jake Stevenson Hydrogeology of the Denver Basin Aquifer
  • Bud Williams Ground-water Flow in Alberta, Canada