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ESU Earth Science Department Presents

Solar-Power Design by Grade 8 Students

at Americus, Kansas

February 19 and 20, 1998 Susie Aber, instructor in the ESU Earth Science Department, traveled to Americus, Kansas to provide advise and help grade scale model houses that utilize solar-power. The projects were a wonderful opportunity for the student to research both active and passive solar devices and designs and incorporate what they learned into a model house. The work put into this project by the 8th grade students was evident by the exceptional projects shown here.

Photo date 2/98; © by S.W. Aber

Laura Wells, science teacher at Americus, looks at Andrea and Kari's floor plan. Their energy efficient home includes a composting toilet, rainwater collection device for washing clothes or use in the garden, and plenty of insulation in the walls and attic. Molly has planned a light colored roof to reflect the sun's heat in the summer and has black tile on the living room floor, which will catch those warm rays in the winter.

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