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Explorations in Earth Science
Utilizing Instructional Technologies
A 2001
Eisenhower-Funded Workshop

Worldview Maps
created by Susie Ward Aber

Practical Ideas

This is a collection of worldview maps. Exploring maps and worldviews can be fun for the student. An online map introduction can be accessed for an introduction (from ESU, James S. Aber). Maps and projections can be investigated for different levels of learning with Map Adventures (gr. K-3), What Do Maps Show (gr. 4-8), and Exploring Maps (gr. 7-12). Images and maps could be explored on the internet with a type of cartographic treasure hunt.

Views of the globe taken from NOAA

NOAA's Worldview, the flattened version! Miller cylindrical projection.

Earth Sciences and Image Analysis, visit this site and search the world!

Taken from GLOBE Project, Shaded Relief and Nighttime Lights.

Ecosystems and Global Change

Taken from GLOBE: A Gallery of Images

Taken from GLOBE Project: A Gallery of Images, Robinson projection.

Taken from the Shoreline/Coastline Databases, which is a portion of the Bathymetry, Topography and Relief, the National Geophysical Data Center.

Taken from Kansas Terrain, another NOAA site.

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