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Explorations in Earth Science
Utilizing Instructional Technologies
A 2001 Eisenhower-Funded Workshop

Participants and Tornados

Terri Proctor seated, left to right, Judy Kreps, Karna Bruey, Lori Coles, Aaron Kealey
left to right, Captola Harris, Kathy Jensen, Tom Fancher, Isabel Canizares
front left to right, Betty Jones, Kathy Rome; back left to right Karen Heins, Mary Beth Lohrey, Kathy Peavey
front left to right, Shellie Harmon, Kathleen Berry; back left to right, Frances Krieger, Bob McKinney, Trent Preheim
left to right, Troy Johnson, Larry Landgren
Dr. Ken Thompson
Professor Paul Johnston
Professor Rich Sleezer
Dr. Tracey Cascadden
Dr. DeWayne Backhus
Dorian Burnette
C. Lee Sneed
Susie Aber

Rob Ferree, Randy Rose, Liz Brosius, Karin Versteeg, Marcus Neal, and Melinda Neal are not pictured.

Miscellaneous Shots

Rich demonstrates a
controlled Kansas tornado

Tornado in its infancy

F5 Tornado?!

Farewell! Until October 12...

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