New for Spring 2018

ES 341/EB 341/GE 341

Wetland Environments

Instructor: Dr. Marcia K. Schulmeister

with contributions from Dr. James S. Aber (Professor Emeritus)

Earth Science
Emporia State University, Kansas, U.S.A.

phone 620-341-5983; E-mail:

Welcome to Wetland Environments: An interdisciplinary overview of physical, biological and cultural aspects of wetlands. Definitions, classifications, origins, and natural processes of wetland environments. Wetlands in boreal, temperate, and tropical climatic settings. Human impact and management of wetland resources. . This course may be taken for either Earth Science or Chemistry credit.

The course is taught via the internet using ESU's Canvas learning management system, and is currently available to students enrolled in on-campus programs at ESU. On-campus students should use the BUZZ IN method to enroll in the course, following traditional on-campus enrollment procedures in ES 341, GE 341,or EB 341. To receive university credit for the course students must be officially enrolled. Enrolled students will receive instructions for accessing course materials on the first day of class from the instructor.


Notice:this course is offered by the Earth Science program for the express use and benefit of students enrolled at Emporia State University, Kansas,USA. Use or repackaging of materials in this course for other purposes is prohibited without permission from the author.
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