Sievert, Greg and Lynnette Sievert. 2011. A Field Guide to Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles (3rd Edition). Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation. OKC., OK. 211 p.


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Please send an E-mail to if you find any Text Corrections or any New Oklahoma County Records to add to the upcoming 4th edition!!

Here are the text corrections we have found in the new (3rd) edition:

On page ii - cover photo id Tiger Slamander should be Tiger Salamander

On page 4 - 1st paragraph - 17th line - omit “(the Bullsnake)

On page 5 - 3rd line - change Larry Daniels to Larry Daniel

On page 47 - 4th line from bottom - change charlesmith to charlesmithi

On page 65 - last line of text - omit the last 4 words of the last sentence (and crepitans means rattle)

On page 104 - Big Photograph - replace this False Map Turtle picture with a Ouachita Map Turtle picture

On page 116 - Fig. 9 - the line for the subocular scale should terminate in the scale under the eye

On page 191 - Small Photograph - In caption change "Hatchling" to "Neonate"

On page 193 - last line of text - change "of" to "or" - "... are ecomorphs or subspecies ..."

Here are the New County Records we have received since the new (3rd) edition was published:








Dwarf Salamander (ADD)

Southern McCurtain Co.

Fesperman PC

Cave Salamander

Sequoyah Co.

Stark HR42(3)

Four-toed Salamander

Northeastern LeFlore Co.

Sievert HR47(2)

Red River Mudpuppy (Not New Record)

NE Pittsburg Co.

McAllister HR46(2)

S. Red-backed Salamander

Northeastern LeFlore Co.

Fesperman PC

E. Narrow-mouthed Toad

Southern Johnston Co.

Butler PC

Green Treefrog Rest of Latimer Co. Schmidt PC
Green Treefrog Marshall Co. Butler HR42(3)

Strecker’s Chorus Frog

Northern Leflore Co.

Anwar HR47(1)
Strecker’s Chorus Frog Southern Sequoyah Co. Riedle & Hackler OAS86:1-7
Strecker’s Chorus Frog Northern Haskell Co. Riedle & Hackler OAS86:1-7
Strecker’s Chorus Frog Southern Muskogee Co. Riedle & Hackler OAS86:1-7
Strecker’s Chorus Frog Southwestern Love Co. Tackett/Howery PC

Crawfish Frog

Rest of Western Okfuskee Co.

Butler PC

Crawfish Frog

Seminole Co.

Butler HR44(2)

Pickerel Frog

Southern Johnston Co.

Butler PC







American Alligator

Southern Johnston Co.

Butler PC

Yellow Mud Turtle (Odd Record)

NW Latimer Co.

McAllister HR46(2)

Mississippi Mud Turtle

Oklahoma Co.

Heitz and Siler HR46(4)

Ouachita Map Turtle

Alfalfa Co.

Geller HR46(4)

Mississippi Map Turtle

West half of Atoka, West half of Coal, SE Pontotoc,and SE Murray Counties

Lindeman HR48(1)

Northern Map Turtle

Northern Ottawa Co.

Lindeman OAS94(1-9)

Three-toed Box Turtle Jefferson Co. White HR43(4)
Three-toed Box Turtle East Central Kingfisher County Short

Mediterranean Gecko Comanche Co. White HR42(4)
Mediterranean Gecko NW Tulsa Co. Phillips HR46(2)
Mediterranean Gecko Bryan Co. Patton, PC
Mediterranean Gecko Disney, Mays Co. Schmidt, PC

Northern Scarletsnake

North-central Pushmataha Co.

McAllister HR45(4)

Great Plains Ratsnake

Southeast Pontotoc Co.

Butler PC

Midland Watersnake (Not New Record)

NE Wagoner Co.

McAllister HR46(2)

Variable Groundsnake

Pushmataha Co.

Heitz and Siler HR46(4)

Red-sided Gartersnake

Central Roger Mills Co.

Anwar HR46(1)

W. Diamond-backed Rattlesnake

Rest of Atoka Co.

Schmidt PC

Timber Rattlesnake

Northern Creek Co.

Butler PC




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