COURSES TAUGHT AT EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY in the Department of Biological Sciences:

Snake on a pole

Herpetology - Spring 2017

Herpetology (ZO 459) Course Syllabus - Spring 2017

Herpetology (ZO 859) Course Syllabus - Spring 2017

Frog and Toad Life Cycles of Lyon County, Kansas

Graduate Student Work in Herpetology

Snake on a pole

General Biology 100 (for Nonmajors)

Fall Semester,   2018:

GB 100 (Lecture Section C) 1:00 - 1:50    MWF, Science Hall 72

GB 100 (Lecture Section D) 2:00 - 2:50    MWF, Science Hall 72

Greg received the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society   "2009 - Outstanding Professor of the Year" Award

GB 100 (Sections C and D) Course Syllabus and Links to Chapter Term Lists

Text:   Concepts of Biology 1st Edition, By OpenStax College

ISBN: 1938168119                             Copyright year: 2013

Study Tips for making a Good Grade in a Science Course

More Study tips and good study habits !!

Free Biology Tutoring for GB 100 Students

Top 12 GB 100 Student Complaints and What I Really Hear Them Say

My Class and Office Hours Schedule

Things I learned in Sievert's GB 100 Class

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