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Spring - 2017

Herpetology (ZO 459) and Advanced Herpetology (ZO 859) will be offered as 3 credit hour courses at Emporia State University.

Instructors will be Dr. Alexis Powell and Greg Sievert. Classes will meet in Science Hall Rm 46 on Friday from 1:00 - 5:00.

This course will cover mainly amphibians and reptiles of the United States with an emphasis on those of the Great Plains. The course will consist of both lectures and lab work . In lab students will work with both live and preserved specimens from across the U.S. Field trips will depend on the weather.

Follow this link to see the Herpetology (ZO 459) Course Syllabus

Follow this link to see the Advanced Herpetology (ZO 859) Course Syllabus

For information about enrolling for courses contact the ESU Admissions office (620) 341-5465 or the ESU Registrar.

For more information about other classes in Biology contact the Department of Biological Sciences at (620) 341-5311.

To ask about Herpetology contact Dr. Alexis Powell at (620) 341-5609 or e-mail him at:   aapowell@emporia.edu

For more information on Graduate student work in Herpetology at Emporia State University, please follow this link.

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