1996 - 2014:

Adjunct Faculty / Lecturer in the Department of Biology at Emporia State University. Taught Ecology, Herpetology, Advanced Herpetology, and up to 6 lecture sections/year of General Biology (for nonmajors).

1993 - 1996:

Instructor in the General Biology Program at the University of Tennessee. Taught General Biology Lecture.

1992 - 1993:

Mountain Challenge Leader at Maryville College. Took students cave exploring for the mountain challenge program.

Spring 1992:

Environmental Field Technician for 3D Environmental Services, Inc. Construction and installation of alternative roost sites for the federally endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) at the Indianapolis Airport.


Research Lab Technician in the General Biology Program at Auburn University. Set up Biology Labs and Maintained the Departmental Greenhouse.

1985 - 1990:

Full-time Instructor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oklahoma. Taught 4-6 three-hour sections of Introductory Zoology Lab per semester and taught Herpetology Lab.

Summer 1988:

Contract Research Biologist for the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Program. Inventoried the Deep Fork River in central Oklahoma for unique or rare species or quality bottomland hardwood forest for possible purchase by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife / waterfowl preserve.

1987 - 1988:

Biological Aide for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC). Produced maps of lakes and reservoirs in Oklahoma, illustrating the habitat improvement work completed on them by Fisheries Division personnel.

1986 - 1987:

Contract Research Biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC). Conducted a literature survey and compiled a detailed bibliography of the fisheries and game studies that have been done in southeast and south central Oklahoma.


Contract Research Biologist for ODWC. Conducted an investigation of the distribution and population status of the Rich Mountain Salamander (Plethodon ouachitae) in Oklahoma.


Volunteered two weeks of time to assist the Nongame Biologist at ODWC, in constructing raptor nest platforms at Rita Blanca National Grasslands in the panhandle of Oklahoma. We also gathered some preliminary data on the existing prairie dog towns near the platforms to document the effect of the nesting raptors on the surrounding prairie dog towns.


Conducted and assisted with several nonfunded research projects on various amphibians and reptiles of Oklahoma. These included a study of thermoregulatory behavior in collared lizards, behavioral and physiological studies of great plains toads, an inventory of the animals found in gypsum caves in western Oklahoma and distributional studies of various amphibians and reptiles throughout the state. During the year volunteer time was spent each week at the University of Oklahoma Animal Behavior Lab assisting with the maintenance of the numerous animals being used for animal behavior studies. Also, representatives of all the amphibian and reptile species of Oklahoma were captured and photographed to produce a slide show. A copy was donated to the Nongame Program at ODWC.

1982 - 1983:

Research Assistant in the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky. Collected data on the acute toxicity of environmental pollutants on adult and developmental stages of aquatic vertebrates.

1979 - 1982:

Part-time Faculty in the Department of Biology and in the Department of Chemistry at Eastern Kentucky University. Labs Taught: Environment, Life, and Man; Environmental Animal Science; and Biochemistry 101, 105, and 330.

Summer 1982:

Worked as a Consultant for Kentucky Environmental Consultants on a project to locate and identify the endangered flora and fauna of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Habitats were identified and recommendations were made for the future protection of the biota.

Summer 1981:

Fisheries Biologist Summer Technician for Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Assisted the Black Bass Biologist with the collection and analysis of data for population studies in all the major reservoirs and lakes in Kentucky.

Summer 1980:

Assisted the Kentucky Nongame Biologist with two natural history projects. One dealt with the geographic distribution of Plethodontid salamanders in Kentucky and the other dealt with the geographic distribution of rare and endangered wildflowers.

Summer 1979:

Assisted with field research on a project studying the genetic differentiation of cavefish populations(Amblyopsidae) in the United States.

1977 - 1979:

Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University. Labs Taught: Environmental Animal Science.

Fall 1977:

Naturalist at Lilley Cornett Woods, Kentucky a virgin mixed mesophytic forest.

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