Things I learned in Sievert’s GB 100 Class

 1. “ "Alot" ” is not one word - it is 2 words “ a lot ” !!!

 2. “ Fat Free ” does not mean I can eat all I want (and it tastes like shit) !!

 3. Do not break my fever with asprin, unless I want to be sick longer !!

 4. I should not use the word “ theory ” when I mean “ hypothesis ”.

 5. If my urine is clear, it is sterile, and I could drink it in an emergency.

 6. If I believe in “ evolution ” it does not mean I cannot believe in God !!

 7. The main reason I breathe oxygen is to pick up electrons at the end of the electron transport system so I can make ATP.

 8. President Bush and Trump have screwed up the environment not to mention slowed or stopped many scientific advances !!

 9. The "kinkier" a fat is the better it is for me !

10. A feral cat or "outside cat" can kill as many as 1,000 small animals per year !!

11. One of the main reasons I eat food 3 times a day is to provide the energy to hook the P back on ADP to make more ATP !

12. I should not say "prostrate" when I mean "prostate".

13. I can take this class seriously or I can take it again and again !!!

14. The only bone a human male is missing is the baculum (penis bone) therefore "God" made "Eve" from a penis bone not a rib bone !

15. I should not come to class late or leave early !!!

16. I should turn off my cell phone during class especially during a test !!

17. I should not talk in class or I will disturb my classmates !!!

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Last updated on 16 January 2018