Kingdom Animalia

" SpongeBob may have squarepants but he lacks symmetry "

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Invertebrates - Lack a backbone.

Vertebrates - Have a backbone.

Asymmetry - No top or bottom and no left or right side. Uneven or lacking balance. No cut gets a mirror image.

Radial symmetry - Only a top and bottom but no left or right side. Many cuts give a mirror image.

          Sessile - Does not move much.

Bilateral symmetry - Has a top and bottom and also a left and right side. Only can be cut in 1 plane and get a mirror image.

          Cephalization - Animal has a brain at the head end.

*Phylum Porifera - Pore Bearing Animals. Very primitive and have no symmetry.

          ( Sponges )

*Phylum Cnidaria - Stinging Animals, all have radial symmetry.

          ( Sea Anemones, Corals, & Jellyfish )

          Cnidocytes - A stinging cell

          Medusa - Free-swimming - tenticles hang down

          Polyp - stationary - tenticles go up

*Phylum Platyhelminthes - Flatworms - free-living or parasitic

          ( Flatworms, Flukes, & Tapeworms )

*Phylum Nematoda - Roundworm - free-living or parasitic, very numerous

          ( Roundworms - Pinworms & Hookworms )

*Phylum Mollusca - Contains the biggest invertebrate.

          ( Snails, Slugs, Oysters, Clams, Octopus, & Squid )

          Mantle - A thin layer of tissue that makes/secretes the shell.

*Phylum Annelida - Segmented Worms

          ( Earthworms, Marine Worms, & Leeches )

*Phylum Arthropoda - Jointed Foot Animals - More species than any other phylum of animals

          ( Insects, Spiders, Crustaceans, Centipedes, & Millipedes )

          Exoskeleton - hard covering outside the body made of chitin.

                    Chitin - Polysaccharide

          Head (Antennae and eyes), Thorax (Legs and wings), and Abdomen (Internal organs)

*Phylum Echinodermata - Spiny skin animals - Radial symmetry

          ( Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars, & Sea Cucumbers )

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Last updated on 4 January 2018