Viruses & Kingdom Monera

Most of "you" is not really "you"

Virus - A non-living infectious particle (parasite of a host cell). It is acellular.

          Capsid - Protein coat

          Nucleic acid - Either DNA or RNA.

          Bacteriophage - A virus that only attacks bacteria.

DNA Viruses - Cause warts, sore throats, and smallpox, herpes, chicken pox, and mononucleosis.

RNA Viruses - Cause flu, mumps, measles and AIDS.

Kingdom Monera - Includes all of the prokaryotic individuals - the Bacteria plus the Cyanobacteria (used to be called blue-green algae).

          Cyanobacteria - The only bacteria that is a photosynthetic bacteria that produces oxygen.

Prokaryotic - Cells that lack membranes around their DNA. Therefore, they have no true nucleus.

Endospore - A dormant stage that bacteria go "into" during unfavorable conditions.

Heterotroph - Get their nutrition from other organisms.

Decomposer - Get their nutrition from digesting dead organisms

Autotroph - Get their food by producing it themselves using photosynthesis.

Binary fission - The process of dividing in half to produce 2 new bacteria (they have no true nucleus).

Coccus - Cell wall is round shaped.

Bacillus - Cell wall is rod shaped.

Spirillum - Cell wall is spiral shaped.

Gram-negative bacteria - Do not absorb Gram stain because they do have an outer membrane covering their cell wall.

Gram-positive bacteria - Do stain with Gram stain because they do not have an outer membrane covering their cell wall.

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Last updated on 02 January 2018