Human Impacts on the Environment

" It's not if we are screwed, but when !!!! "

*Loss of biodiversity - Means that species are going extinct.

      Extinction rate - 50 species per day - Going into our 6th major extinction period.

      Domino effect - The loss of 1 species results in the losses of others that depend on that species.

              Habitat Loss - Humans developing native vegetation - Most native prairies are gone.

              Overexploitation - Poaching especially endangered species for horns, tusks, bones, gall bladder - Overfishing

              Introduced Species - Species that are not native to an area.

*Deforestation - where the tree cover is removed or destroyed. - 3,000 acres/hr of tropical rain forest.

          Soil erosion - Topsoil washing into streams and rivers.

*Hazardous waste disposal - We generate a lot of waste with nowhere to put it.

*Environmental Estrogens - BPA - Any chemical that breaks down into "Estrogen like" compounds.

*Water pollution - Dumping our wastes into streams and rivers.

          Biological magnification - "Fat soluble" poisons in the environment will increase in concentrations as they move up the Trophic Levels (a food web).

*Acid rain - Precipitation (rain) that contains dangerously high levels of sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

          Sulfur dioxide -> turns into Sulfuric Acid in the clouds.

          Nitric oxides -> turns into Nitric Acid in the clouds.

          Cuticle - The waxy coating on leaves. Gets dissolved.

*Climate Change - An increase in global temperatures (global warming). Decrease humidity, decrease biodiversity, increase drought, milder winters.

          Greenhouse gases - Come from burning fossil fuels, from coolants (freon gas), and from industrial by-products.

                    CO2, methane, nitrous oxides, CFC's - We release 30 billion tons of extra CO2/year into the atmosphere.

          Greenhouse effect - greenhouse gasses acts as a shield/barrier to trap excess heat in the atmosphere.

          Drought - It is a lack of rain - we are running out of drinking water and water to use in our households.

Check out an interactive deforestation map

Water use in the west


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Last updated on 20 February 2018