General Biology 100      --      Course Syllabus

Emporia State University

Fall Semester - 2018

GB 100 (Section C) MWF - 1:00 - 1:50

GB 100 (Section D) MWF - 2:00 - 2:50

Clinical Instructor / Adjunct Graduate Faculty: Greg Sievert

Office Phone # : (620) 341-5908

Biology Office Phone # : (620) 341-5311

Office: Breukelman Science Hall - Room 42

Office Hours:   Monday 4:00 - 5:00     Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00

****  or other times by Appointment - - I am usually here on Tuesday & Thursday from 2:30 - 4:30.

Text:   Concepts of Biology 1st Edition, By OpenStax College

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                    ISBN: 1938168119                             Copyright year: 2013

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Withdrawal deadline: The last day for an automatic withdraw "W" on your transcript is Friday, October 26th. I cannot give you a "W" after that date. Your grade will then be based on the total number of points you have earned in the class.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend each class meeting.  The bottom line is: be in lecture or face the consequences of low test scores.  To that end, I will use your absences to determine if your grade gets bumped or not, at the end of the semester if you are close to the next highest grade.   If you have more than 5 absences ( unexcused or excused - including university sponsored events ) your grade will not be bumped; if you miss 8 times I will withdraw you from the course.   You will then receive a "W" on your transcript, which signifies a Withdrawal and if you have scholarships you may have to pay back some of the money!         Please plan accordingly !!!

     Please note:

All test questions come 100% from lecture. There will be 5 to 9 questions from each lecture on the next test each worth 2 points. So each lecture is worth 10 to 18 points on the next test.

Course Content: General biology is an introductory course that attempts to cover scientific concepts that may affect you as an individual in our society. As is the case with any science course, there will be a large number of terms for you to learn. Do not try to learn all of these the night before the exam. Taking this course is like taking a foreign language because of all of the scientific terminology. Material at the end of the semester will build on material from earlier in the semester, therefore you truly need to learn the material as we go. Cramming the night before the exam will not put the material into your long term memory.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of important biological processes and understand the terminology associated with these processes. You will have an understanding of how to use the scientific method to solve a problem or answer a question. You will also have a greater appreciation of the complexity of the "living" world you live in.

I will follow the "ESU Dishonesty Policy" please see the ESU Student Handbook.   Any form of cheating on an exam in this course will result in an automatic zero on that exam and the optional comprehensive 5th exam cannot be used to replace that zero. You must also guard against others looking off your answer sheet during exams. Letting others see your answers is a form of cheating and if you do this you will also receive a zero for the exam. If you are caught cheating and then drop the course to avoid a lowered grade, I will pursue with the Vice President for Student Affairs and your advisor having you put on academic probation or expelled from Emporia State University.

Course Mechanics: The lecture material will come from your book and from other sources that I use. I will test you over lecture material plus any movies or video clips I show during lecture. If you want to do well plan to attend every lecture and take good notes that you can study from later for the tests.

Free Biology Tutoring for all Biology 100 Students - Please follow this link to see the current schedule of tutoring hours.

     Please note:

This semester ACES is partnering with this class to provide Embedded Learning Assistance. A senior biology major will attend each class with students then hold a review session at ACES (Library Room #222) every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 - 7:00pm. This will be a time to review the new material and help clarify and answer questions about difficult concepts and connections covered in class. Hopefully this will help improve test scores in this class.

Facilitator: Tyler Balsters


Where: Library room #222

Things that will Guarantee you Bomb this Class!!

Study tips for making a good grade in this course - Please follow this link to find tips for studying for a science course.

More Study tips and good study habits !!

NOTE: We may have to deviate from the following tentative lecture schedule.

Tentative Lecture Schedule

To print a lecture term list click on a topic title. If you want to space out the terms on your printed page: left click over the terms and highlight all of them then go to EDIT and COPY - close your internet browser, then open a word processor of your choice (WordPerfect or Word) and go to EDIT and PASTE - then space out the terms or change the font or font size, then print your page.

Note: Some of the following term lists have links to Adobe ( .pdf ) files, you must download the FREE Adobe Reader to view these files.




Aug. 20       M
Introduction and What is life?
Aug. 22       W
What is life and Scientific Method (Continued) and Chemistry of Life
1 and 12 + 2
Aug. 24      
Chemistry of Life - Water (Continued)
Aug. 27       M
Chemistry of Life (Continued) and Cell Membranes
2 and 3.4
Aug. 29       W
Cell Membranes (Continued) and Energy
3.4 and 4.2
Aug. 31      
Photosynthesis and Respiration
5 and 4.2-4.4
Sept.  3       M
Labor Day Holiday - NO CLASS
Sept.  5       W
DNA and Protein Synthesis
Sept.  7      
Cell Division and Gametogenesis
6.1-6.2 + 7-7.2
Sept. 10       M
Sept. 12       W
Genetics (Continued) and Human Genetics
Sept. 14      
Human Genetics
7.3 + 8.3
Sept. 17       M 
Exam 1
Exam 1
Sept. 19       W
Sept. 21      
Sept. 24       M
Sept. 26       W
Sept. 28      
Biomes (Continued) and Human Impacts on the Biosphere
20.4 + 21.2
Oct.   1      M
Human Impacts on the Biosphere
Oct.   3       W
Human Impacts on the Biosphere (Continued) + Viruses
21 + 17.1
Oct.   5      
Viruses and Bacteria Kingdom and Protist Kingdom
13.1 + 13.3
Oct.   8       M
Protist Kingdom (Continued) and Fungi Kingdom
Oct. 10       W
Exam 2
Exam 2
Oct. 12      
Fall Break - NO CLASS
Oct. 15       M
Plant Kingdom
P. 335-353
Oct. 17       W
Animal Kingdom
Oct. 19      
Animal Kingdom (Continued)
Oct. 22       M
11.3 + P. 240-241
Oct. 24       W
Evolution (Continued)
Oct. 26      
Circulatory System
P. 423-426
Oct. 29       M
Respiratory System
P. 420-422
Oct. 31       W
Urinary System and Excretion
P. 412-413
Nov.   2      
Digestive System
Nov.   5       M
Nutrition and Review for Exam 3
Nov.   7       W
Exam 3
Exam 3
Nov. 10      
Immune System
Nov. 12       M
Veteran's Day Holiday - NO CLASS
Nov. 14       W
Immune System (Continued) and Brain
17.3 + 16.6
Nov. 16      
Nervous System
Nov. 19       M
Not in Textbook
Nov. 21      W
Thanksgiving Holiday - NO CLASS
Nov. 23      
Thanksgiving Holiday - NO CLASS
Nov. 26       M
Endocrine System
Nov. 28       W
Endocrine System (Continued) and Reproductive System - Male
16.4 + 18.3
Nov. 30      
Reproductive System - Male (Cont.) and Reproductive System - Female
Dec.  3       M
Reproductive System - Female (Cont.) & Birth Control and Human Development
Dec.  5       W
Human Development (Continued)
18.2 + P. 506-507
Dec.  7       F 
Exam 4
Exam 4
Dec 10 - 14     M - F
Final Exam Week     -     Comprehensive Final Exam
Comprehensive Final Exam

Comprehensive Final Exam:

GB 100 C  Tuesday,       Dec. 11   From: 1:00 - 1:50

GB 100 D  Wednesday,   Dec. 12   From: 1:00 - 1:50

Exams: There will be 4 regular (50 multiple choice questions) exams during the semester, each worth 100 points (50 questions X 2 points each). During final exam week a comprehensive 5th exam that is also 50 multiple choice questions will be available and is optional for all students who complete the first 4 exams. The comprehensive exam will have about 17 questions from each of the first 3 exams. This comprehensive exam can be taken to replace a lower score on one of the first 4 exams. The comprehensive exam cannot be used to replace exam 4 (if you missed it). Students who missed exam 4 will take it during final exam week instead of the comprehensive exam. If you missed exam 4 and take the comprehensive exam instead of exam 4 during final exam week you will receive a ZERO for that exam. The lowest test grade from the 5 exam scores will be dropped in computing the final grade (so if you score lower on the comprehensive exam it won't affect your grade). Therefore, there will be 400 total points in the course.

***** On Exam Day you will need a #2 pencil and also your E number from your ID card.   You must go to your scheduled lecture section (only on Exam Days) or you may lose points !!!   On the exam you cannot use a calculator, a dictionary, a cell phone, or any translators.

***********   Starting the day after each test, you have 1 week to come and see your test to see what you missed.   After 1 week it is too late to see your old tests !!!!

No Make Up Exams will be given!!   If one exam is missed for any reason (except exam 4 - see above), the student will have to take the comprehensive exam at the end of the semester to replace the missed exam. If more than ONE exam is missed the student will be given a ZERO for each additional missed exam, and it is highly recommended that such students withdraw from the course if possible. Check the exam schedule now, if you know now you have to miss 2 exams please change to a different section of GB 100 or drop the course now and take it next semester.

Please Note: Any grade bumps will occur AFTER you take the comprehensive 5th exam.   If you do not take the comprehensive exam and your total points ( not percentage points ) are 1 - 3 points from the next letter grade you will NOT get your grade bumped !! Any and all grade bumps are 100% based on MERIT !! You have to show me with your score on the 5th exam that you understand the material above the level of the "grade you earned" and therefore deserve to be bumped (1-3 total points) to a grade you did not earn. Also, if you missed more than 5 lectures I will not bump your grade due to your excessive absences. I am aware of all student grades that are close (1-3 total points) and anyone who deserves to be bumped will be bumped the rest will not !!

Grading Scale:    I will not be using the plus/minus grading scale for GB 100 grades.

360 - 400 = A - Excellent. Performance far above basic expectations for the course, demonstrated mastery of at least 90% of course content.

320 - 359 = B - Above average. Performance exceeds basic expectations for the course, demonstrated mastery of at least 80% of course content.

280 - 319 = C - Average. Performance meets basic expectations for the course, demonstrated mastery of at least 70% of course content.

240 - 279 = D - Below average. Performance does not meet basic expectations for the course but is acceptable for credit, demonstrated mastery of at least 60% of course content.

    0 - 239 = F - Unsatisfactory. Performance unacceptable for academic credit, demonstrated mastery of less than 60% of course content.

Please Note: There is absolutely no extra credit or curved grades in this course !!!

**** Do NOT ask me at the end of the semester what you can do to raise your grade It is too late !!!

Please come to see me after your first exam if you want to improve your grade !!!

Test-out Examination: A test-out examination will be given on Thursday, August 24th, at 3:30 p.m. in SH 72. This test-out exam cannot be taken before or after that time period! Students who pass this exam, with a grade of at least 70%, may drop GB 100 and add GB 100TO (signifying test-out). This will indicate on the transcript that you did test out of the course and you will receive three hours of credit. However, no letter grades are awarded; only a P grade. Students taking the exam must present their ID card to identify themselves; you cannot take the exam without it. You should not attempt this examination unless you have a good high school background in biology and chemistry and you have a reasonable amount of confidence in your abilities. Also, if you have ever taken GB 100 in a prior semester you cannot take the test-out exam for credit.

*** There is no test-out exam for the laboratory course GB 101.

Disabilities Services: Emporia State University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students need to contact the Director of Disability Services and the professor as early in the semester as possible to ensure that classroom and academic accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. All communication between students, the Office of Disability Services, and the professor will be strictly confidential. Please bring your accommodation letter to my office - ASAP. Please do not give me your letter in the classroom or E-mail it to me!

Diversity Statement: Emporia State University supports an inclusive learning environment where diversity and individual differences are understood, respected, appreciated, and recognized as a source of strength. We expect that students, faculty, administrators and staff within Emporia State will respect differences and demonstrate diligence in understanding how other peoples' perspectives, behaviors, and world views may be different from their own. Dimensions of diversity can include sex, race, age, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, intellectual and physical ability, sexual orientation, income, faith and non-faith perspectives, socio-economic class, political ideology, education, primary language, family status, military experience, cognitive style, and communication style. The individual intersection of these experiences and characteristics will be valued in our community. If there are aspects of the design, instruction, and/or experiences within this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or accurate assessment of achievement, please notify the instructor as soon as possible.

Expectations: If you want to do well in a college level science course you should attend every lecture, take good notes, and also budget at least 1 - 2 hours of study time for each lecture. For tips on how to do well in this science course please follow this link.

Please feel free to come and talk to me if you have problems related to the class, questions, or if you just want to chat. I will be available (somewhere in the Science Building) during my office hours or you can make arrangements to meet with me at other times. I am usually in my office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after 2:30.

Questions and comments are encouraged in lecture!!! If you are confused or want clarification on something then probably so do many of your classmates. I am not a mind reader, therefore you must let me know if something is not clear to you.

***********   If you missed something in lecture, please feel free to come during my office hours or go see the Biology Tutor in ACES to help clarify it for you.

Surviving a course in a large lecture hall            Please Read and act accordingly!

Rules I will enforce:

NO Talking to your classmates during lectures. If I can hear you, I assume that you are disturbing your classmates sitting near you.    If you are disturbing your classmates, I will ask you to leave class!

Do not come to lecture LATE, unless you want to annoy the instructor and disturb your classmates.    If you come to lecture late, you cannot sign the role sheet after it has passed your seat!

No Electronic Devices may be used except in the front row by the podium.

Do not Sleep or get up and Walk Out of class early or suffer the CONSEQUENCES!!

The instructor reserves the right to initiate a faculty withdrawal from this class or lower your final letter grade for any student with excessive absences ( by excessive I mean 8 total excused and unexcused absences ) or disruptive behavior ( like talking to people sitting near you while I am lecturing ).    You will then receive an "AW" on your transcript, which signifies an Administrative Withdrawal and if you have scholarships you may have to pay back some of the money!

IMPORTANT: Absolutely No Texting during class!!!    Please turn your cell phones off or leave them at home.    If I see your phone out or you let your phone ring during class time (especially during a test), I will ask you to leave the classroom or you will get an "F" on the test!!

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