Questions About Animal Behavior

1. Which of these is the ultimate cause for a behavior?

          a. the evolutionary reason that the behavior exists

          b. daylength

          c. the presence of other animals

          d. defense of a resource

2. The purpose of parental care is ___________.


          a. to protect the young 

          b. teach the young to hunt

          c. provide food for the young 

          d. all of these

3. Which of the following animals are capable of learning?


          a. mammals 

          b. birds 

          c. insects 

          d. all of these

4. . ____________ can effect animal behavior.


          a. Genetics 

          b. Hormones 

          c. Learning 

          d. all of these

5. Animals mark their territories with __________.


          a. songs 

          b. chemicals 

          c. visual displays 

          d. all of these

6. Parental care occurs in _________________.


          a. many groups of animals 

          b. only in vertebrates

          c. only in birds and mammals 

          d. only in mammals

7. Which of these statements is true about imprinting?

          a. Imprinting occurs before the animal is born/hatched.

          b. Imprinting occurs ONLY in animals that never see adults of their species.

          c. Imprinting occurs during a critical period.

          d. Imprinting occurs only after the individual becomes an adult.

8. The proximate cause of a behavior refers to _________________.

          a. what causes a behavior to occur at a specific time

          b. how that behavior increases survival of the individual

          c. how that behavior increases the fitness of the individual

          d. all of these