1. The Golgi Apparatus ____________.

          a. packages and ships products made by the cell

          b. modifies products made in the endoplasmic reticulum

          c. makes vesicles such as lysosomes 

          d. All of these

2. If you add solutes to distilled water the osmotic pressure will ___________.


          a. increase 

          b. decrease

          c. not change 

          d. solutes and osmotic pressure are not related

3. The function of the Na+/K+ pump is to ___________.


          a. keep water from entering the cell 

          b. maintain the proper concentration of Na+ and K+ inside the cell

          c. allow water to enter the cell

          d. make ATP

4. Which of these is a prokaryotic cell?


          a. animal cell 

          b. bacterial cell 

          c. plant cell 

          d. a and c

5. The Na+/K+ pump ___________.


          a. pumps sodium out and potassium into the cell 

          b. pumps both ions out of the cell

          c. pumps both ions into the cell 

          d. pumps sodium in and potassium out of the cell

6. Which type of endocytosis is very specific for which type of molecule it will take into the cell?


          a. phagocytosis 

          b. pinocytosis 

          c. receptor-mediated endocytosis 

          d. all are very specific

7. If an animal cell is placed into a hypertonic solution ___________.


          a. nothing will happen to it 

          b. water will leave the cell

          c. water will enter the cell 

          d. the cell will burst

8. How do lysosomes control whether their enzymes are active or not?


          a. by changing the temperature inside the lysosome 

          b. by changing the pH inside the lysosome

          c. by changing the osmotic pressure inside the lysosome

          d. by changing the amount of Na+ inside the lysosome