Questions About Ecosystems

1. Of all of the water that evaporates from Kansas, the largest amount comes from ______.


          a. transpiration from plants 

          b. evaporation of groundwater

          c. evaporation of water from rivers 

          d. evaporation of water from lakes

2. Most of the freshwater in the U.S. is contained in _________.


          a. ponds 

          b. groundwater 

          c. rivers 

          d. lakes

3. The aquifer which provides water to much of western Kansas is the _______ Aquifer.


          a. Edwards 

          b. Spokane 

          c. Rathdrum Prairie 

          d. Ogallala

4. Which of these will NOT be affected by global warming?


          a. patterns of rainfall 

          b. ranges of disease organisms like malaria

          c. day length 

          d. extremes in weather (i.e. flooding)

5. Which of these is an abiotic part of the ecosystem?


          a. water 

          b. bacteria 

          c. fungi 

          d. plants