Questions for Meiosis

1. Which of these occurs during Meiosis I?


          a. homologous chromosomes separate 

          b. the cell becomes haploid

          c. crossing over 

          d. all of these

2. Which of these occurs during meiosis II?


          a. synapsis 

          b. crossing over 

          c. sister chromatids separate 

          d. all of these occur during meiosis II

3. Which of these is diploid in humans?


          a. egg 

          b. sperm 

          c. zygote 

          d. all of these

4. Which of these is haploid?


          a. secondary spermatocyte 

          b. spermatid

          c. sperm 

          d. all of these

5. In the process of spermatogenesis ___________.


          a. four sperm cells are produced 

          b. a spermatogonium goes through meiosis

          c. a diploid cell goes through two divisions to produce haploid cells 

          d. all of these

6. At the end of oogenesis ____ oocytes (egg cells) are formed for each oogonium that started into meiosis.


          a. 1 

          b. 2 

          c. 3 

          d. 4

7. The function of Sertoli cells is to ______________.


          a. make sperm cells 

          b. nourish and aid forming sperm cells

          c. make polar bodies 

          d. get rid of polar bodies