Questions for Mitosis

1. Duplication of DNA occurs during the ___________ phase.


          a. G0 

          b. G1 

          c. S 

          d. G2

2. Which of these is NOT a phase of mitosis?


          a. interphase 

          b. prophase 

          c. metaphase 

          d. telophase

3. If you are told that a cell is 2n, that means it __________________.


          a. has 2 nuclei 

          b. has 2 copies of each chromosome

          c. is in the process of dividing 

          d. is an egg or sperm cell

4. Select the correct order of mitosis.

          a. prophase - anaphase - metaphase - telophase

          b. anaphase - prophase - metaphase - telophase

          c. prophase - metaphase - anaphase - telophase

          d. metaphase - anaphase - telophase - prophase

 5. Chromatin coils up and the nucleus disappears during ____________.


          a. anaphase 

          b. metaphase 

          c. prophase 

          d. telophase

6. Draw the stages of mitosis and tell what is happening in each.