Students in my lab have been pursuing research projects in behavior, ecology, and physiological ecology of amphibians and reptiles. My interests are in investigating how feeding effects the metabolic rate, digestive physiology and thermoregulatory behavior of amphibians and reptiles. I am also interested in measuring stress levels in wild and captive amphibians and reptiles.

Student Projects:

Graduate Students

Heather Forster: Territorial Behavior in the salamander Plethodon albagula. M.S. 1998

Eric Kessler: Characteristics and Selection of Natural Rock Retreat-Sites by Woodland Snakes at Miami County State Fishing Lake. M.S. 1998

Cindy Moore: Temperature-mediated characteristics of the dusky salamander, Desmognathus fuscus of southern Appalachia. M.S. 2000

K. Brandon Chance: Winter Ecology of the Bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana. M.S. 2002

Megan Kearney: Food Passage Time and Digestive Efficiency of Collared Lizards, Crotaphytus collaris. M.S. 2002

Angie Babbit: Metabolic and Digestive Parameters of Cope's Gray Treefrog, Hyla chrysoscelis. M.S. 2003

Rick Morrow: Effects of Meal Size, Meal Composition, Diel Cycle, and Seasonal Effects on Metabolic Response in the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata. M.S. 2008

Shelly Evans: Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Leukocytes and Housing Preference in Captive Red Cornsnakes, Pantherophis guttatus. M.S. 2011

Tyleia Prendergast: SDA and Post-feeding Thermoregulation in, Elaphe guttata.

Jessica Magana: Metabolic Cost to Anolis carolinensis of Visual Contact with Predators and Prey. M.S. 2012

Pam McClain: The Validation of a Safe, Inexpensive Technique to Monitor Stress Levels in Snakes.

Andrew Coleman: Vocalization in Smallmouth Salamanders.

Emma Pauly-Hubbard: Aggregation in Prairie Ringneck Snakes.

Ashley Messner:

Undergraduate Students

Janet Bailey: Specific Dynamic Action in the toad, Bufo woodhousii. Honor's thesis

Lani Burress: Effect of Feeding on Thermoregulation in the toad, Bufo woodhousii. Special Project

Megan Kearney: Digestive Parameters of the Great Plains Skink, Eumeces obsoletus. REU project

Marcia Puckett: Digestive Influences on Thermoregulation and Digestive Efficiency of Cornsnakes, Elaphe guttata. K-BRIN scholar

Daphne Jones: Thermal Influence on Digestive Rate of the Cornsnake, Elaphe guttata.  K-INBRE scholar

Lynett Bontrager: Meal size and Thermoregulation of the Cornsnake, Elaphe guttata.  K-INBRE scholar

Michelle Gilkerson: Snake size, Meal size, and Thermoregulation in Cornsnakes, Elaphe guttata.  K-INBRE scholar

Ashley Everly: Gastric Digestion in Cornsnakes, Elaphe guttata.  K-INBRE scholar

Yusuke Suita: Chronic versus Acute Response to Temperature of Phagocytic Snake Leukocytes.  K-INBRE scholar

Caitlyn Wayman: Effect of Unsaturated Fatty Acids on thermoregulation in Cornsnakes.  K-INBRE scholar

Ben Kerbs: Effect of Saturated Fatty Acids on thermoregulation in Cornsnakes.  Special Project


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